Dizzy Dizzy

Dizzy Dizzy


DJ Ash

Ashley Grumman

It's Only Wednesday - ON AIR Wednesday morning's 10 - 1130 AM with DJ Nat Cleared DJ as of 2012. I'm a bit of a wild child, and I play on my own frequency. But really, I'm on the radio! Music is kinda my thing. ...

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DJ Bird

Evan Flury

D.C. al Coda

Bird comes flying in from the Rust Belt and settling down for the semester- bringing an eclectic mix of swing, dance, folk, alt-rock, blues, indie, fusion and top 90 hits to the greater Binghamton area. Tune in every other week to learn about a genre ...

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DJ Blank (DJ ______)

Inappropriate Things!!! The Land of ADHD

I cannot come up with a name and neither can my partner Sweet Caroline. So I am now known as DJ Blank formerly known as The Hippie. And to those complaining about commas... I know... and don't care... so deal with it.

DJ Chop

Dan Pinsk

Shave and a Haircut

DJ Chop is the author of many best selling columns on the WHRW tumblr account. He enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic candle lit dinners, and sweet sweet funk. In his spare time he fights bears and plays guitar and bass. Once, he grew ...

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DJ Clarabella

The Righteous And The Wicked

Looking forward to my first semester as a DJ. Listen in, Binghamton.

DJ Cowgirl

Hell on Heels

Country music, coffee, maps, chocolate, random acts of kindness, newspapers, Oklahoma, discounts.

DJ Dad

Ashley Lieberman

The Friend-Zone

Ugh, as if.

Dj Dank

Monsters and Robots

DJ Diable

Devil's Radio

DJ Diable has walked the earth for many years, always keeping an ear out for the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that say more than words. This led to WHRW, the greatest radio station in the world.

DJ Dino

Samson Audino

Coffee and Coke

I play anything and everything


Bringin' the funk and nothin' but the funk'

"Get so in debt that your loans will be your bank's problem not yours"

-Anonymous stranger

DJ DJ Purple Starfish

Benjamin Heo

Eats Trees For Fiber

From the deepest depths of the SEA, I have come to TAKE OVER YOUR MIND! Prepare your human brain for the wonders of SOUND as I drag my slimy appendages over the controls of WHRW and broadcast ONTO the AIRWAVES!