DJ Elmo

News of the World Wet n' Wild World Pixel Perfect March of the Jentilak

Hailing from the frozen North, beyond the Wall, the man you know as Elmo was raised by a clan of Yetis that taught him how to love... metal. During his recent journeys to the south, Elmo has learned to accept other, strange forms of music, ...

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Ian Miller

Dance Power Hour Outer Space

Hey everyone, DJ EnM here, playing some Electronic, Downtempo, Experimental, and a bunch of other great stuff. Check me out 7-8.5 am on Tuesdays only on WHRW!

DJ Geodude

Rocky Weintrob

Not Quite Cloud 9

DJ Gyarados

Eliana Frim

Perfect Pangram

A small, impertinent Magikarp was raised by two inspirational, loving DJs. From the throes of their training, DJ Gyarados was born.

DJ Homicidal Terrahawk

Gabriela Lefanowicz

The Good Life

Red Hot Chili Peppers? Old school Green Day? Random Polish songs? Yes.

DJ HoToddy

Todd Epstein

Mornin Mixup w/ DJ Hotoddy The Hangover The Hangover Part 2

You know you wanna hear good music. Well, here it is.

DJ Kitten

Burn In Effigy

early 20s, vertically challenged, quirky, geeky, annoying but cute, literary, a self-proclaimed Trekkie, appreciative of classical, space, radio theater, alternative, and select pop...