Vulgar Display of music setlist

by DJ Vaseline from Vulgar Display of Music at 1:59 PM on 4·11·2014

Cemetery Gates(Pantera cover) by Dream Theater feat. Russell Allen, Burton C. Bell and Dave Mustaine

Undertaker WWE theme song by Jim Johnston
Napalm by Schweisser
Down but not Out by Cro-Mags
Securitron ( Police State 2000) by Fear Factory

Reiste by Anthony Santos
Esta Noche by Raulin Rodriguez
Say Goodbye by Chris Brown
Wine slow by Gyptian
Hold you by Gyptian

I’m Eighteen( Alice Cooper cover) by Anthrax
Crimson Thunder by Hammerfall
Sahti Waari by Turisas
Death Throes of the Terrorsquid by Alestorm

Nothing in Return ( Walk away) by Down
Beneath the Tides by Down

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