Punk, Hardcore, Garage, Ska, Rockabilly, Local, and Everything Good!


Ramones – Cretin Hop
flatheads – hot rods and cold beer
woggles – dracula’s daughter
jackets – be myself
groovie ghoulies – she hangs out
cheap tissue – new promotion
damned – fan club
nick cave – jack the ripper
green dreams – be here now
sparks – spmething for the girl tha has everything
pixies – where is my mind
cramps – blow up your mind
satilliters – make me smile
thee vicars – don’t try to tell me
cherrie curie/marky ramone – cherry bomb
plasticines – camera
giant robots – tell me something new
phantom cowboys – voodoo bunnies
revels – intoxica
hawaii samurai – dark eyes
meat dept – local music scene
velvet underground – pale blue eyes
killswitch click – suffragette city
screamin’ jay hawkins – moanin’
pandoras – see if you can
nikkin corvette & the derwtons – have your way with me
hot rods – judy’s got a stick shift
route 66 killers – graveyard girlfriend
circle jerks – golden shower of hits
ramones – go little camaro go
piero umiliani – mah ma mah na (space is the place vers.)
demented are go – hot rod vampires
speed devils – the devil drives a buick but jesus drives my chevrolet
hawaii samurai – too drunk to surf
beaver cypress – too drunk to cluck
dead cobras – too drunk to be seen
deep sh*t – too drunk to punk
galapagos now! – too drunk to start a riot
hellabama honky tonks – too drunk to dance
hostile breed – too drunk to drive
my funeral – too drunk to thrash
nine eighteen – too drunk to die
pissed on arrival – never too drunk to riot
roy sludge – too drunk to truck
dead kennedys – too drunk to do something nasty
johnny roane – drag strip baby
peni5 – riff raff
little porkchop – liquor store baby
the giant robots – get rid of you
flashcubes – i need glue
thee vicars – why have you changed
stiv bators – the last year
newds – teardrop city
deuce coupes – gear masher
beat farmers – california kid
chocolate watch band – don’t need your lovin’
zombina and the skeletones – ginferno
cheap tissue – apeman
screamin’ jay hawkins – i put a spell on you
devo – smart patrol/mr. dna (live – max’s kansas city ’77)
ramones – i wanna be well
Link Wray – Rumble

Ramones – Cretin Hop
sonics – you got your head on backwards
chris spedding – pogo dancing
johnny thunders – great big kiss
the oh sees – animated violence
creepniks – hellbent sickobilly
space cossacks – tsar wars
sonic youth – oush it away
u f omer band – NY cat
laura carbone – cellophane skin
prisoners – talkin’ bou my baby
riverdales – I think of you during the commercials
nystery girls – set my baby on fire
frantic flintstones – rock & roll zombie
mad 3 – teenage delinquent
dukes of hamburg – i gotta move
lifeguards – everybody out of the pool
jimmy patton – okie’s in the pokie
ramones – 7-11
detonators – then he kissed me
the know – i like girls
von zippers – common sense party theme
the fast – kids just want to dance
sonic dolls – freaks on parade
chrome division – booze, broads, and beelzebub
zombina & the skeletones – guess what? (I love you)
donnas – a boy like you
muffs – beat your heart out
sloppy seconds – hit the lights
adverts – one chord wonders
strays – richard dreyfus
x ray spex – highly inflamable
link wray & the raymen – the sweeper
fendermen – mule skinner blues
vince taylor – brand new cadillac
panics – drugs are for thugs
bel aires – baggies
defekts – peer pressure
blondie – atomic
redd kross – lovedoll superstar
sex pistols – bodies
buzzcocks – i believe
david bowie – karma man
bonzo dog band – beautiful people
ramones – we want the airwaves
groovie ghoulies – are you passionate
sonics – strychnine
deadbolt – white lightning train
smitt e. smitty – big bad boy
queers – sidewalk surfin’ girl
hot rods – almost friday night’s – bond girl
ron thompson – switchblade
frantic flintstones – bedrock
bikini kill – rebel girl
ramones – oh oh i love her so
Link Wray – Rumble

Ramones – Cretin Hop
smitt e. smitty – fez-a-licious
thee headcoats – one ugly child
social distortion – lude boy
groovie ghoulies – the blob
ny dolls – teenage news
redd kross – linda blair
the stags – texas cave salamander
l.a. witch – get lost
la luz – don’t leave me on the earth
legendary stardust cowboy – standing in a trashcan thinking of you
radio birdman – descent into the maelstrom
stan freberg – wunnerful wunnerful
bill haley – whoa mabel
baker knight – theme from devil’s hand
jack wilde – mechanical boy
saints – river deep mountain high
suicidal tendencies – nothing to lose
sick ones – moving forward
cliff richard – feelin’ fine
jett harris – the 4th man
jett harris & bobby grahan – gonzales
the shadows – F B I
So. culture on the skids – nitty gritty
teenage bottlerocket – summertime
revillos – mindbending cutie doll
johnny ramone – viva las vegas
larry verne – please mr. custer
snake out – i was a teenage goiter
elvis hitler – hellbilly
the strays – problematic
buzzcocks – friends of mine
flipper – sex bomb
plain wrap – it’s a small world
screaching weasel – cool kids
soupy sales – the mouse
bill haley – burn that candle
church keys – pigtails plaid skirt
johnny kidd & the pirates – please don’t touch
link wray – jack the ripper
so. culture on the skids – fried chicken & gasoline
alan vewga – juke box baby
plasmatics – tight black pants
straps – music to watch girls by
cold sweats – fun boys
damaged – sins of our fathers
sick ones – the choice
modern lovers – roadrunner
cramps – teenage werewolf
love me nots – break my heart
ramones – 53rd & 3rd
fabulous poodles – think pink
bill kirchen – truck stop at the end of the world
bill haley – rip it up
so. culture on the skids – 8 piece box
mt t experience – we’ll get by
hasil adkins – chicken wobble
raybeats – tone zone
phantom surfers – legend of the phantom surfer
barry gray & don spencer – fireball XL5
planet seven – lara’s theme
Link Wray – Rumble

When Is It On?

Summer 2018

You can catch this show on
Wednesdays from 10 PM to 1 AM.

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