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Ramones – Cretin Hop
scientists -shake together tonight
little porkchop – mean mean blues
meatballs – from the get go
cocksparrer – we’re the good guys
cheats – loaded
sloppy seconds – you can’t kill joey ramone
ramones – crummy stuff
headache – can’t stand still
out cast – everything’s all right
end resu;t – never ask again
iggy & the stooges – tv eye
the strays – gone in the head
dictators – science gone too far (live)
x-ray spex – obsessed with you
murphy’s law – attack of the killer beers
honeymoon killers – mad woman blues
dead kennedys – take this job
mill bastards – power struggle
talk hard – pink vs. blue
cold sweats – had it comin’
the corps – talk is over
johnny kidd and the pirates – bad case of love
crossfires – out of control
voxmen – you tell me
scientists – teenage dreamer
babes in toyland – spit to see the shine
electric frankenstein – that’s all i need
beasts of bourbon – thanks
cramps – she said
Link Wray – Rumble

Ramones – Cretin Hop
mad daddys – i’m buzzin’
gang green – LDSB
nofx – beer bong
cosmic psychos – nude sheilas on motorbikes drinking beer
talk hard – no obligation
little porkchop – liquor store baby
marky ramone – i wants my beer
replacements – dope smokin’ moron
mill bastards – power struggle
donnas – everybody’s smoking cheeba
peter and the test tube babies – banned from the pubs
wipes – fell into
let’s go bowling – let’s go bowling
david peel – i like marijuuana
matt kavan – drunk with a moose
rabbid ostrich xperiment – pot smoking deer
buddy meredith – flop top beer
murphy’s law – greenbud
plasmatics – squirm
wretched ones – drinking beer and rock and roll
nameless children – i.p.d.e.
fear – i believe i’ll have another beer
meatmen – everybody must get stoned
murphy’s law – quest for herb
mad daddys – stoned for the rest of my life
gears – i smoke dope
freeze – it’s only alcohol
murphy’s law – beer bath
replacements – beer for breakfast
donnas – huff all night
ramones – now i wanna sniff some glue
Link Wray – Rumble

Ramones – Cretin
richard hell – love comes in spurts
buzzcocks – ever fallen in love
scientists – frantic romantic
bouncing souls – hopeless romantic
screamin’ jay – you made me love you
blotto – my baby’s the star of a driver’s ed movie
tuff darts – your love is like nuclear waste
bonzo dog band – i’m gonna bring a watermelon to my girl tonight
david bowie – love you til tuesday
blondie – i’m gonna love you too
i spit on your gravy – please don’t touch
screeching weasel – your name is tattooed on my heart
patrick fitzgerald – safety pin stuck in my heart
plasmatics – dream lover
mill bastards – endgame
dead boys – what love is
ramones – oh oh i love her so
mad daddys – ain’t that lovin you baby
phil gray – pepper hot baby
trashmen – surfin’ bird
mucky pup – u stink but i love u
stan freberg – john and marsha
simpletones – tv love
blondie – x offender
muffs – i don’t like you
jim stafford – a real good time
screeching weasel – i love you
cramps – save it
Link Wray – Rumble

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