Punk, Hardcore, Garage, Ska, Rockabilly, Local, and Everything Good!


Ramones – Cretin Hop
Hollywood Brats – Sick On You
Beasts Of Bourbon – Good Times
Meteors – Little Red Riding Hood
dick holler & his rockets – uh uh baby
trashwomen – cum on baby
link wray – rawhide
drills – i wiah my beer was as cold as your heart
mad daddys – ain’t that lovin’ you baby
meat dept – local music scene
rockets – uncontrollable urge
x-rays – don’t fear the repoman
von zippers – little black heart
marky ramone – middle finger
sorts – both hands middle finger
fascist fascist – christian’s middle finger
close countach – middle finger monday
worms – windows down, middle fingers up
horizon drive – middle fingers
drills – middle fingers
malcom maclaren – you need hands
link wray – batman
shadows – midnight
plasmatics – want you baby
groovie ghoulies – ghoulies are go
cramps – can’t hardly stand it
ramones – I don’t want to walk around with you/today your love, tomorrow the world
Link Wray – Rumble

Ramones – Cretin Hop
specials – enjoy yourseld
cramps – drug train
dickies – bowling w/ bedrock barney
hekawis – 19th nervous breakdsown
sick ones – bad way
morbs – think i might
mill bastards – power struggle
strays – don’t mither me
cold sweats – hater failure
the goons – the ying tong song
the goons – eeh! ah! oh! ooh!
nervous norvus – transfusion
phillipe clay – cigarettes, Whisky, et p’tites pepees
coyote men – whit lightning
salteens – whiskey and records
mojo nixon – gin guzzling
454’s – grandpa’s whiskey
x-rays – hittin’ the booze
berserkers – whiskey and leather
inglorious bastards – booze and blackouts
elvis hitler – booze party
champs – too much tequila
corky jones – rhythm and booze
motorbilly – whiskey
acid bath – cheap vodka
the legendary kid combo – booze and bucks
ramones – somebody put something in my drink
Link Wray – Rumble

Ramones – Cretin Hop
groovie ghoulies – til death do us party
scorpio – ninety nine and a half
positively 13 o’clock – psychotic reaction
lucky 13 – purple flames and the lost 13
squirtgun – mary ann
ramones – carbona not glue
advert – gary gilmore’s eyes
david bowie – hang on to yourself
hollywood brats – chez maximes
von zippers – incendiary
love me nots – you’re really something
bleed – the goon
richard cheese – holiday in cambodia
government cheese – fish stick day
mr t experience – surfin’ cows
toasters – rude rude baby
camper van beethoven – the day lassie went to the moon
primus – seas of cheese
boris the sprinkler – Ddo you wanna grilled cheese sandwich
fitz of depression – grilled cheese
yucky monkey – grilled cheese sandwich
typical hunks – grilled cheese
elmer fudd – grilled cheese
baron von lichtenstein – grilled cheese sandwich
cheesebergens – do it with cheese
eddie noack – psycho
skeets macdonald & benny walker – birthday cake boogie
plasticines – another kiss
nutley brass – chinese rock
richard cheese – baby got back
Link Wray – Rumble

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Spring 2018

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Wednesdays from 11:30 PM to 1 AM.

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