TUNEZ 9_21_13

by VI GUY from TUNEZ at 4 PM on 9ยท21ยท2013

VI ——————————————————————- Jamband
Welcome to Jamrock ——————————————- Jr. Gong
Blessing ———————————————————- Ethan
Call on Me ——————————————————- Jah Cure
Life —————————————————————- G-Whizz
Dont you konw ————————————————— I-Sasha
Caribbean Girls ———————————————— Movado
Pimpass Paradise ———————————————- Sean Paul
Gallis ————————————————————- Mr. Vegas
Gyals dem Sugar ———————————————— Beenie Man
Ravin ————————————————————— Popcaan
Bruck it down ————————————————— Mr. Vegas
Bounce a gyal ————————————————— Di Genius
I’m okay, i’m drinking rum and redbull ————- Beenie Man
Kotch ————————————————————— RDX
Band of the year ———————————————- Machel Montano
A little wine ————————————————— Patrice Roberts
Superheroes —————————————————— JamBand
Wotless ———————————————————— KES The Band
Dollar wine —————————————————— Lil Rick

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