A complete and BEAUTIFUL mess

by The Southern Belle from Tea Time at 1:01 PM on 3·3·2014

This is Super-Apprentice Harrison typing.
We’ve got Kieran here, and we’ve got Andrew here. They kept Laura company until I showed up ( about 24 minutes late ). But that’s OK!

“Despair In The Departure Lounge” – Arctic Monkeys

Just did my first “talking” on the radio. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

“She” – The Damned

But then I pushed “play” for the wrong CD player, and got my DJ a tad bit angry. Then she snorted, and made me take off my backpack and rain coat.

“Last Kiss” – Pearl Jam

This song ^ is a shout out to my girl Hallie Zeitz. She is probably listening from her bedroom, and I know this song tickled her heart in just the right way ;););)

“Atomic” – Blondie

A conspicuous girl just brought a bagel into the station, and I’m sadly reminded I didn’t have breakfast this morning. I should start remembering to, because when you have pants that are a little “too much” around the waist, if you add a belt it just looks silly. They bunch up around the top and you look like a grandma.

“Shanti/Ashantgi” – Madonna

“Today is one of those day where I wake up and my hair is … on the side of my head” – Laura Kiem aka Arty Fufkin.

“Brace Yourself” – Les Savy Fav

Cool song. Cooler band.

“Love Buzz” – Nirvana

This is a cool band too, but.. idk.



the Southern Belle is back. What is this hootnany?! Nirvana is great.

Electric Uncle Sam – Primus

(also Total Hate ’95”, No Doubt was played at some point above, but much like 90% of the set list, Harrison (DJ Good Times (In the Mix) forgot to mention it)

Hope you guys enjoyed the show today! :D

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