Tea Time

with The Southern Belle and Devy Harry

Tea Time features music that is good for your soul, and that goes great with a cup of tea! If you are an anglophile, but also love America, and hardcore rocking out, tune in for your weekly dose of 'Tea Time' Mondays from 11:30am to 1pm!


I am really excited for this set today, and I put a lot of work into piling it up today! (Try four wee hours of the morning that I could’ve been sleeping) These are some of my favorite songs – all released between 1990-1999 :) <3

Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction

Trompe Le Monde – Pixies
Drown – Smashing Pumpkins
Mouth – Bush

Snakes – No Doubt
Jigsaw – Love Spit Love
Buffy Theme – Nerf Herder
Electric Uncle Sam – Primus

Dirt – Alive in Chains
Corduroy – Pearl Jam
Time Bomb – Rancid
Man – Presidents of the United States of America

I Can’t Hardly Stand It – The Cramps
Center of the Universe – Built to Spill
Salvation – Cranberries

New Girl – Suicide Machines
One of These Days – Op Ivy
Violent Love – Skankin’ Pickle

Devyn’s Music:

“99 Red Balloons”- Nena
“You”- Amy Lee/Evanescence
“Love Buzz”- Nirvana
“Oh Daddy”- Bessie Smith
“Shape Of My Heart”- The Backstreet Boys
“I Wanna Be With You (Live)”- Lady Gaga
“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”- Starship
“I Will”- The Beatles
“Spin The Black Circle”- Pearl Jam
“The Sweetest Thing”- U2
“Let’s Stay Together”- Al Green
“Boats and Birds”- Gregory and the Hawk
“New”- No Doubt

Laura’s Music:

“Out of the Black” – Royal Blood
“Why Do You Love Me?” – Garbage
“Happy Now?” – No Doubt

“Bacardi” – Nada Surf
“La La Love You” – Pixies
“I Can Hear Music” – The Beach Boys
“Dead Men and Sinners” – Murder By Death
“Bone You” – Kasms
“Rearviewmirror” – Pearl Jam

“She’s A Vampire “ – Shattuck
“Hunger Strike” – Temple of the Dog

So happy to be doing a show with Devy Harry this semester!!! Please enjoy our diverse array of musical stylings :) <3

Devyn’s Music:

“Girl Anachronism”- The Dresden Dolls
“Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight”- The Beatles
“Who Do You Think You Are?”- The Spice Girls
“You Still Believe In Me”- The Beach Boys
“Oh, The Guilt”- Nirvana
“Seems Like Old Times”- Diane Keaton
“Get On The Ball”- No Doubt
“Sandy”- John Travolta
“I Had Lost My Mind”- Daniel Johnston
“Business”- Eminem
“Love Of My Life”- Queen
“Asking For It”- Hole
“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”- Shania Twain

Laura’s Music:

“Union City Blue” – Blondie
“Quotes From Our Favorite 80’s Movies” – Bouncing Souls
“Creator” – Santigold

“Hot Water and Milk” – Spiderbait
“Cherry Lips” – Garbage
“Big Distraction” – No Doubt
“Glycerine” – Bush

“Blue Prelude” – Peggy Lee
“Sleep Now in the Fire” – Rage Against the Machine
“Message of Love” – The Pretenders

“Unglued” – Stone Temple Pilots
“Santa Marinella” – Gogol Bordello

“Body Heat” – James Brown

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