by Devy Harry from Synesthesia at 9:56 AM on 4·9·2014

“Take It Away”- The Used
“Adore You”- Miley Cyrus
“Mr. Farmer”- The Seeds
“Parlez-moi D’amour”- Dana Boule
“How Bizarre”- OMC
“Blue Jay Way”- The Beatles
“How To Love”- Lil Wayne
“I Can’t Quit You Baby”- Led Zeppelin
“Just Like A Pill”- P!nk
“Simple Song”- The Shins
“Scoff”- Nirvana
“Blue Moon”- Sha Na Na
“Let Me Love You”- Mario
“Closing Time”- Semisonic
“Sunny Came Home”- Shawn Colvin
“Applause (Acoustic/Live)”- Lady Gaga
“Hero”- Enrique Iglesias
“Greener Pastures”- No Doubt

Sarah’s Music:
“Strawberry Fields Forever”- The Beatles
“Sugar Magnolia”- The Grateful Dead
“Glorified High” – Sarah Jaffe
“Heroes” – David Bowie

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