by Devy Harry from Synesthesia at 12:54 PM on 11·20·2013

“Virtual Insanity”- Jamiroquai
“Pre- Hibernation”- Pantera
“Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam”- Nirvana
“Tammy”- Debbie Reynolds
“Ball And Biscuit (Live)”- The White Stripes
“Kiss You All Over”- Exile
“Catholic Boy”- Jim Carroll with Pearl Jam
“Dreaming The Same Dream”- No Doubt
“Fill Your Heart”- David Bowie
“Andy Warhol”- David Bowie
“Song For Bob Dylan”- David Bowie
“Queen Bitch”- David Bowie
“The Belway Brothers”- David Bowie
“Love Me Do”- The Beatles
“One More Song For You”- Andy Kaufman

Daphne’s Music:
“Unmelancholy Hill”- Gorillaz
“15 Step”- Radiohead
“Something About Us”- Daft Punk
“Russian Roulette”- Rihanna
“Rhinestone Eyes” – Gorillaz

“Push and Shove” – No Doubt
“Penny Lane” – The Beatles
“Where Did You Sleep Last Night” Nirvana

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