The "Fu"

by D.J. James from Story Traditions with James at 2:22 PM on 3·20·2011

Last week’s episode was a continuation of a discussion on the development of Chinese prose. It’s seeding can be found in Chinese philosophical writings, which sought a means to articulate and indoctrinate morals within early Chinese civilization. The bland, commonplace, and monotonous language used in early philosophical writings began developing into writings that consisted of metaphors and allegories used to convey a similar message. As these writings began to incorporate more poetic motifs and figures, they noticeably moved towards poetry and the narrative. By fusing these approaches to message conveyance, writers such as Mencius and Mao-Tzu developed the prose. In the early stages of prose development, it was very difficult to demarcate the prose form philosophical writings. The paradigm shift came with new authors as they pushed the paradigm from prose/philosophy to prose/poetry. This new gray area is called the fu, a mixture of prose and poetry. More on this genre during my next show. Next week I will be off-air like most of the other djs, so be sure to check me out in 2 weeks. Keep it locked!

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