The Black Mass (Spring '13)

with DJ Red XIII and ///


“I’ll Be Here In The Morning” – Townes Van Zandt
“It Was A Pleasure Then” – Nico
“'Piphany Rambler” – Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
“Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized” – The Knife
“Earthmover” – Have A Nice Life
“Nausea” – Wreck and Reference
“Untitled” – Born Under The Sun Of Death
“Emergence” – Fell Voices
“Jesus’ Tod” – Burzum
“Mundane Dreams About Flash Floods” – Lonesummer

“Sweet Moment” – Bowerbirds
“Being In Love” – Songs: Ohia
“Tom Justice, The Choir Boy Robber, Apprehended At Ace Hardware In Libertyville, Il” – Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
“hope (instrumental)” – prater saith
“Forever” – Woodsmoke
“Kakariko Village” – Millipede
“Asleep In The Walls” – blsphm
“Crawling On Bruised Knees” – Pharmakon
“The Haunting Presence” – Giles Corey
“No Words/No Thoughts” – Swans
“Unrequited” – Deafheaven
“Watching You” – Panopticon
“Giant” – Ensemble Pearl

“Our Mother The Mountain” – Townes Van Zandt
“You Remind Me Of Martha” – The Human Fly
“The Conference Of The Birds” – *shels
“Pretty Little Lightning Paw” – Thee Silver Mountain Reveries (A Silver Mt. Zion)
“Side A” – Jailbird
“seek shelter from the vile swarms” – a death cinematic
“In The Beds Of Ex-Lovers” – Planning For Burial
“Herbstmord” – Hintergrund
“Solar Static Coves #1” – Wasteland Jazz Unit
“Winter’ll Soon Be Over” – Mamaleek
“The Gathering, The Ritual, The Coming.” – Mutilation Rites
“This Entire Fucking Battlefield” – Weakling
“Eclipse” – Sun Worship
“Method Of Error” – Boris

When Is It On?

This show is not currently scheduled. Check back next semester or during signups!