A Quiet Dark Place

by Madame Psychosis from Sounds from the Void at 4:10 AM on 2·12·2014

Welcome to the Void.

Disengaged- Grouper
Heavy Water/I’d Rather be sleeping- Grouper
Emptiness will eat the witch- Have a Nice Life
The Big Gloom- Have a Nice Life
Sisyphus- Have a Nice Life
Guggenheim Wax Museum- HANL
Unholy Life- HANL
Burial Society- HANL
Dan and Tim, Reunited by Fate – HANL
Hunter – HANL
The Icon and the Axe – HANL
Defenstration Song – HANL
Sloan Shore- Kaki King
Song of a Soldier- Phil Ochs
All I Need – Radio Head
I Think I Love You – Waxahatchee
Very Careful – Belong
Gallery of Stars – Dweller on the Threshold
No Name #2 – Elliot Smith
Nothing Compares- Noun
Night After Sidewalk- Kaki King
Perth- Bon Iver
All is Full of Love (Bjork Cover) – Pau Vallve
Imaginary Folklore- Nujabes

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