SRL-Can't Slow Down Now

by Doc Sonic from Sonic Research Labs at 10:40 PM on 7·17·2013

Ramones-Do You Wanna Dance
Bad Cop-Post McDonalds Punks
Broncho-Pick A Fight
Shonen Knife-Keep On Rockin
Drummer-Good Golly
Missing Monuments-Grizzly Star

Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies-East Bound And Down
Killdozer-I’m Not Lisa
The Jam-Slow Down
The Big Kids-I’m Bored
The Backsters-Nervous Man Nervous
The Creepniks-Shadow Over Elkhart
Hunx & His Punx-Too Young To Fall In Love

Bass Drum Of Death-I Want To Be Forgotten
Flat Duo Jets-Rockin Bones
Southern Culture On The Skids-Viva Del Santo
Lou Millet-Slip Slip, Slippin In
The Ramones-He’s Gonna Kill That Girl
Oblivians-Woke Up In A Police Car
Negativland-Car Bomb
Rev Horton Heat-It’s Martini Time
Charlie Feathers-That Certain Female
JD McPherson-Fire Bug
The Stoics-Hate
Stomach Mouths-Girl Now! (live)

Three D Invisibles-The Monster DJ
The Dickies-Knights In White Satin
The Dead Milkmen- I Tripped Over The Ottoman
The Royal Fingers-Voo Doo King
Matthew Moore Plus Four-Codyne (She’s Real)
The Oxfords-I Ain’t Done Wrong
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre-Going Back To Memphis
Bunker Hill w/Link Wray-The Girl Can’t Dance
They Dead-Revision

Heathen Dan-I Like
Ell V Gore-Lobotomy
Sons Of Hippies-Spaceship Ride
The Heathens-Problems
The Fuzztones-In Heat
Athletico Spizz 80-Where’s Captain Kirk?
Mudhoney-Here Comes Sickness
The Meat Department-The Monster’s Gonna Get You
Fiends-You Make Me Sick
Elite-My Confusion
Richard Hell & The Voidoids-The Blank Generation
The Ramones-I Just Want To Have Something To Do

Sloppy Seconds-The Mighty Heroes
Peelander Z-So Many Mikes
Supersuckers-Born With A Tail
The Cramps-How Far (Can Too Far Go?)
Fleshtones-Watch This
Elusive Paralelograms-8 Bit
Mixtapes-I Think I Broke It
Recharge Melting-What Did I..Did I?
Man Or Astro Man?-Antimatter Man
Wally Tax-You Shook Me All Night Long

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