SRL-Almost, But Not Quite, End Of The Summer Blast

by Doc Sonic from Sonic Research Labs at 10:59 PM on 8·28·2013

Ramones-Do You Wanna Dance
Psychotic Turnbuckles-Groove To The Eye
Recharge Melting-What Did I Did I?
Bad Cop-Post McDonald’s Punks
Peelander Z-STEAK
King Tuff-Ruthie Ruthie
Gonn-Blackout of Gretley
The Born Losers-Werewolves On Wheels
Dr. Strange Love-BR Off To The Moon

Death-Politicians In My Eyes
Generation X-Night Of The Cadillacs
Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies-Who Put The Bomp
The Jam-Changed My Adress
TAD-Trash Truck
Wyldlife-The First Time I Killed Someone
Shig Pit-Fight For Your Macho Man

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Black Mold
Oblivians-Loving Cup
The Shirts-Poe
The Big Kids-I’m Bored
Workdogs-Let’s Rodeo
Hank III-Satan Is Real/Straight To Hell
Fiends-Cross Country Canyon Jumping
Superchunk-Staying Home
Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop

Jonathan Richman-Party In The Woods
Dum Dum Girls-Take Care Of My Baby
Flat Duo Jets-Golden Strings
Plasmatics-Summer Nite
Iggy Pop-New Values
The Cramps-She Said
Weird Paul-Scott Baio Was Seen At The (Legendary) Pink Dot Convienience Store Buying 12 Cans Of Tuna Fish And A Carton Of Cigarettes
Bobby Peterson Quintet-Mama Get The Hammer
Matthew Moore Plus Four-Codyne, She’s Real
Diarrhea Planet-Hammer Of The Gods
Circle Jerks-Mrs Jones
Weirdos-Neutron Bomb
Dead Kennedys-Rawhide
Von Brigdi-O Reykyavik
Ramones-Do You Remember Rock N’ Roll Radio
Lazy Cowgirls-You’re Gonna Miss Me

No Age-C?mon Stmmung
Descendents-Suburban Home
Bass Drum Of Death-Shattered Me
The Groupies-Primitive
Larry And The Blue Notes-Night Of The Phantom
Vic Mizzy Orchestra-Uncle Fester’s Blues
Insatiable-The Munsters Theme
The Clash-Pressure Drop
Bunker Hill w/Link Wray-Little Red Riding Hood

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