The Signal - 3/4/14 playlist (New music and more)

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 10:59 AM on 3·8·2014

[From 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday]
Lots of great new tunes fit in – and the radio premiere of my new apprentice.

“Super Bon Bon” / “27 Jennifers” – Mike Doughty (with new station ID)
“Out the Way We Came In” – Vance Gilbert (NEW)
“Love We Are We Love” – The Sea, the Sea (NEW)
“Sing Like a Byrd” – The Waymores (NEW)
“Disappointed Blue” – Ryan Taylor Band (NEW)
“Something Worth Having” – Molasses Creek (NEW)
“Dragging Me Down” – Ryan Taylor Band (NEW)
“Don’t Judge a Life” – John Gorka (NEW)
“The Hardest Thing to Prove” – We’re About 9 (NEW)
“Playground Games” – Brooks Williams (playing Saturday night at 6 On The Square in Oxford)
“Like A Road” – Lowell Levinger (NEW)
“When I Was Young” – Jamie Knox (NEW)
“Into The Fire” – Falls (NEW)
“Fortune Teller” – Space (NEW)

Mardi Gras bonus track:
“The Real World” – Ray Davies

Next week, I’ll chat with folk singer/songwriter Greg Klyma about his new album and his March 14 show at Cyber Cafe West in Binghamton.

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