The Signal - 2/12/13 playlist (Winter semester grand finale)

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 11:56 PM on 2·12·2013

[From 7-10 p.m. Tuesday]

Yes indeed, we play a bit of everything on the Signal, and tonight was a great example.

For the first 75 minutes or so, fellow WHRW DJ Brian McKinley took the wheel to talk about the awesome Black Francis/Reid Paley show he saw at the Haunt in Ithaca over the weekend. We tried to get Reid on the phone for an interview, but that didn’t work out – we’ll keep trying. Here are the tunes he played for that:

“Magic Cup” – Paley & Francis
“Monkey Gone to Heaven” (live in Newport) – the Pixies
“Lazarus of Brooklyn” – Reid Paley

“Headache” – Frank Black
“Wave of Mutilation” – the Pixies
“See You Again” – Reid Paley Trio
“Deconstructed” – Paley & Francis

“Subbacultcha” (demo) – Black Francis
“Ugly Life” – Paley & Francis
“My Boyish Heart” – Reid Paley
“I Burn Today” – Frank Black
“Hey” – the Pixies

“Los Angeles” – Frank Black
“Song of the Shrimp” – Frank Black

Then two nice young ladies from the Black Student Union – Ndeye Niang (public relations coordinator) and Jamila Adams (vice president) – stopped by to discuss the group’s Black History Month events, which culminate with a keynote speech by Joseph Simmons, a.k.a. Rev. Run from hip-hop pioneers Run-D.M.C. We then played a six-pack of Run-D.M.C.:
“Run’s House”
“My Adidas”
“It’s Tricky”
“King of Rock”
“Mary Mary”
“Walk This Way” (with Aerosmith)

For the last hour, as I’m wont to do, the mood went to twang, soul and singer/songwriter goodness:
“Love Ain’t Easy” – Alexandra and the Starlight Band (NEW)
“The Time I Spend With You” – Brooks Williams
“House Next to the Drive-In” – Chris Trapper
“Man I Used to Be” – Seth Glier (NEW)
“The Dancing Screen” – Nate & Kate
“Nothing Like a Song” – Arlon Bennett (NEW)
“My Miner” – Abi Tapia
“Free to Fall” – Beaucoup Blue
“City Starts to Bloom” – Amber Rubarth
“Last of the Hobo Kings” (live) – Mary Gauthier (NEW)
“Dream in Blue” – the Stray Birds

A selection from the new Robyn Hitchcock album that seemed appropriate for Valentine’s Day: “I Love You.”

And then a Mardi Gras tune to cap things off:
“The Real World” – Ray Davies

I’ll be back at 7 p.m. next Tuesday with Zachary James of Zachary James and the All Seeing Eyes to discuss his new album. It’ll be a cool time for sure.

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