The Signal - 1/15/13 playlist (Dr. Pants interview and pop extravaganza)

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 1:26 AM on 1·16·2013

[From 7-10 p.m. Tuesday]
We started the show with “Over the Rainbow,” a charity single from BU alumna Ingrid Michaelson and children from Newtown, Conn.

From there, I softened people up for the Dr. Pants interview with some various pop/rock.
“Did It Really Even Matter” – the Rescues (NEW)
“Seven Days a Week” – the Sounds
“Girl Party” – Deni Bonet (NEW)
“Jump They Say” – David Bowie
“Whiskey & Green Tea” – Supergrass
“Goth Girl” – John Wesley Harding
“Gifted” – the Jigsaw Seen (NEW)
“Antwoman” – Robyn Hitchcock
“Mayor of Simpleton” – XTC
“Helicopter” – XTC

Then we had a fun interview with David Broyles, mastermind behind the band Dr. Pants, to discuss the wrap-up of the 4-EP project “The Trip.” Learn more at Songs we played during the chat and after:
“Robot Spiders”
“No Funkies”
“S.W.E. (The Na Na Na Song)”
“The Trip”
“Make the Midnight Hang”
“Bowling with a Genius”
“Hipster Kid/Sexy Beards”
“Calling Chewbacca”
“The Cassette Song”

And here was the final half-hour:
“Wallflowers” – MC Frontalot
“Kent the Zen Master” – Hypnotic Clambake
“Virtual Campfire TV Show Theme Song” – Virtual Campfire
“You’re Not There” – Piece Pettis
“Little Blue Bird” – Grace Pettis
“Furry Sings the Blues” – Daphne Ashbrook

Next Tuesday at 7 p.m., I’ll be joined by Russell Swanger (a.k.a. Russ the Big Guy) to discuss the EPAC Idol competition – auditions are next week.

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