The Signal - 11/21/18 playlist (Reviewing music from NERFA)

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 12:09 AM on 11·22·2018

Rounding up the great music I heard at NERFA a couple of weekends ago.

I still have another stack of CDs from folks who were there but I did not see perform live. Maybe I’ll save those for another week.

Big Little Lions – “Find Your Tribe” (Alive and Well)
Big Little Lions – “Big Mistake” (Alive and Well)
Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt – “Undone” (Hang On for the Ride)
Kim Moberg – “Be the Light” (Above Ground)
Antonio Andrade – “Bended Elbow, Bended Knee” (Something Happened)
Susan Shann – “Wild Seed” (Reckless Abandon)
Noah Derksen – “Nothing” (Nothing)
Jaeger & Reid – “Together” (From Way Up Here)
Katherine Rondeau – “Raise Up Your Hand” (New Hope Chateau)
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – “The Get Up and Go” (Singin’)
Joe Jencks – “Let Me Sing You a Song” (Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers)
Kyle Carey – “Sweet Damnation” (The Art of Forgetting)
Katie Dahl – “Lombardi Avenue” (Ordinary Band)
Elena & Los Fulanos – “Oceans” (Volcan)
Jesse Terry w/ Dar Williams – “Noise” (Natural)
Susan Cattaneo w/ the Bottle Rockets – “Work Hard Love Harder” (The Hammer & The Heart)
Rod Abernathy – “The Bucket Song” (The Man I’m Supposed to Be)
Zoe Mulford – “One Damn Thing” (Small Brown Birds)
Kipyn Martin – “Madeleine” (Dance Across the Sky)
Emerald Rae – “Who Will Lie Beside You Now?” (Emerald Rae)
Michael Jerling – “Family Recipe” (Family Recipe)
Tragedy Ann – “Neon & Velour” (Matches)
Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – “Pickup Cowboy” (Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys)
Loretta Hagen – “This World of Ours” (Lucky Stars)
Rorie Kelly – “If You Teach a Bird to Sing” (Rising Rising Rising)
Miles to Dayton – “Close Your Eyes” (Forces Unknown)
Gillian Nicola – “Oh Marie” (No Place to Call)
Mark Dvorak – “This Train Ain’t Bound for Glory” (Brand New Wings)
Crowes Pasture – “The Champ” (Edge of America)
Jon Shain & FJ Ventre – “Song for an Old Friend” (Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday Soon)
Randall Kromm – “Thankful” (Sentimental Season)

And the traditional bonus track:
Ray Davies – “Thanksgiving Day” (Other People’s Lives)

At 6:30 p.m. next Wednesday, Italian pop violinist Andrea Di Cesare returns for a live session with members of Voodoo Highway. Tune in!

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