Mad Trivia Party questions - Jan. 29

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 9:50 PM on 1·29·2013

1) What is a dabbawala?
2) What effect does peanut butter have on the rotation of the earth?
3) What does the “I Am Rich” app, sold on the Apple app store, do?
4) Neil Armstron was the first man to walk on the moon who was the first man to pee on it?
5) How many friends does the average person lose after falling in love?
6) Who wrote and played the McDondalds “I’m Loving it” jingle?
7) What is a Silent Disco?
8) Where did the steriotypical Valentine’s Day heart shape come from?
9) Explain the difference between a Wankel engine, and the average gasoline
10) What does the word “backpfeifengesicht” mean?

If you have the following phobias, what are you afraid of? – ablutophobia – allodoxaphobia – antlophobia – blennophobia – dishabiliophobia – genuphobia – helminthophobia – nomatophobia – omphalophobia – pupaphobia – vitricophobia – xanthophobia

What are the phobias of these celebrities? – Jennifer Aniston – Billy Bob Thornton – Johnny Depp – Lyle Lovett – Nicole Kidman – Sarah Michelle Gellar – Christina Ricci – Jennifer Love Hewitt – Justin Timberlake – Orlando Bloom

The Red Hairring asks:
1. Who’s personality does GLaDOS inherit when she is created by Aperture Science?
2. What is the key phrase that Jack from Bioshock has been conditioned to follow?
3. Why is Final Fantasy called Final Fantasy?
4. Name one character who is in all of the Final Fantasy games.
5. What year does the game Amnesia: the Dark Descent take place?
6. What are the different modes you can unlock in the game Slender?
7. How tall is Samus from the Metroid games?
8. Link from the Legend of Zelda is a well-known lefty – why was he portrayed as being right handed in the wii-version of Twilight Princess?
9. What is Peach’s, from the famous Super Mario Bros., full name?
10. Halo 4 is the first game of the series to show the faces of what race?

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