Mad Trivia Party questions from the Caffeine Kid

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 10 PM on 9·25·2012

1. Who played the drums on the debut album of Canadian rock band Rush?

2. In the TV show “Alphas,” where are the mutants who can’t be controlled sent?

3. Bashar al-Assad is known today as the brutal Syrian leader, but before he was a dictator, what was his chosen profession?

4. Name the artist who drew the iconic illustrations when the Sherlock Holmes stories were first published?

5. In the 1996 “Doctor Who” movie starring Paul McGann, what Oscar-nominated actor played the Master?

6. Who was the first actor to play the Master after “Doctor Who” was revived in 2005?

7. What was the first single from the British rock band The Kinks?

8. Bob Dylan’s new album “Tempest” includes a 14-minute song on what topic?

9. What obscure U.S. president did I find on a dollar coin in my pocket the other day?

10. Doc Sonic has 2 cute new kittens. Suggest good names for them.

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