1/28/14 playlist (Julia McKinnis interview / Pete Seeger tribute and etc.)

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 9:49 AM on 1·31·2014

[From 7-10 p.m. Tuesday]

Awesome chat with NYC-based pop singer/songwriter Julia McKinnis, whose album “The Good Has Won” comes out next week. Learn more at juliamckinnismusic.com.
Here are her songs we played:
“The Good Has Won”
“Don’t Mess with Texas Girls”
“Knack for Love”
“Apple Tree”
“Give Your Love”

After the roundup of local arts and entertainment events, a tribute to Pete Seeger included played the live album “We Shall Overcome,” a 1963 concert at Carnegie Hall, along with a couple of bonus tracks.
“If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus”
“Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”
“I Ain’t Scared of Your Jail”
“Oh, Freedom”
“What Did You Learn in School Today?”
“Little Boxes”
“Who Killed Norma Jean?”
“Who Killed Davey Moore?”
“A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”
“Mail Myself To You”
“We Shall Overcome”
Bonus tracks:
“This Land is Your Land”
“If I Had a Hammer”

Final hour was a free-for-all with some old and new tracks.
“Hills of Mexico” / “Heaven” – Red Dog Run
“Blues Rollin’ In” – Del McCoury Band
“You Can’t Make Old Friends” – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
“Minnie’s Lullaby” – Tanglefoot
“Darkling and the Bluebird Jubilee” – Joe Crookston
“When the Master Calls the Roll” – Rosanne Cash
“Like How Johnny Loved June” – Mary Fahl
“Time Does Fly” – Greg Klyma
“The Sun’s Going Down” – Driftwood
“(You Will) Set the World on Fire” – David Bowie
“Trouble” – Silverclub
“Avenging Angels” – Space
“Love Me Do” – the Beatles

That last tracks was a preview of next week’s show, when an all-star panel will discuss the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” You won’t want to miss it.

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