11/24/12 playlist (Special edition: Zarni interview)

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 2:53 PM on 11·24·2012

[From 10 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Saturday]

Great in-studio chat with Zarni de Wet about her life, new EP and other topic. Here’s what we played between interview segments:
“Minute You’re Gone”
“Feel Something”
“Easy as Breathing”
“This is How You Lose Yourself”
“Wishing You The Best” – Campfire OK (a band that Zarni is in now)
“Is This Your Idea”

From there, it was an assortment of tracks to fill out the show:
“Dylan’s Arms” – Sylvie Lewis (NEW)
“Hold On” – Amber Rubarth (NEW)
“One in a Million” – Deni Bonet (NEW)
“Lomenko” – Leni Stern (NEW)
“Wheel Inside the Wheel” (live) – Mary Gauthier (NEW)

“Open Up the Box, Pandora” – the Jigsaw Seen (NEW)
“Postcard from London” – Ray Davies (with Chrissie Hynde and the Crouch End Festival Chorus)

“Born Liar” – Coroner for the Police (NEW)
“Na Na Ooh” – Yes Sir Boss (NEW)
“Didn’t Try” – Silverclub (NEW)
“We Are All Gunmen” – The Levellers
“Black Tie White Noise” – David Bowie
“Pride (In the Name of Love)” – Soweto Gospel Choir

Tune in 7 p.m. Tuesday for my chat with singer/songwriter Lukus Wells.

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