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Great to have Bess Greenberg back for a live session. She performs Saturday night at South City Publick House in Binghamton, and you can see other gigs online at

Here are the tunes she played live.
“The Blind Side of Me”
“Not This Time Around”
“Love that Still Remains”
“Cost of Living”

Great to have Randy McStine and John Kanazawich back in the studio to chat about their show at 9 p.m. Saturday at Ransom Steele Tavern in Apalachin. The first half will be Irish rock, the second half a Jethro Tull tribute.

We also discussed Randy’s new album “Blank.” You can get that at the show or at Here are the tracks we played from it:
“The Master”
“Purity of Youth”
“Figured Out”

Tune in next Wednesday at 6 p.m. for Bess Greenberg live in studio. She’ll even play a few tunes – or at least that’s the plan.

Since I’m not doing the show Wednesday night (Brian McKinley will be at the controls), I decided to take advantage of the winter break and air this interview with singer-songwriter Cliff Eberhardt. He’ll perform next Saturday (March 11) at 6 On The Square in Oxford.

Here are the tunes we played:
“Leap of Faith” (Mona Lisa Cafe)
“500 Miles” (500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions)
“I Love Money” (500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions)
“When the Leaves Begin to Fall” (500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions)
“Let This Whole Thing Burn” (The High Above and the Down Below)
“Dug Your Own Grave” (The High Above and the Down Below)
“The Next Big Thing” (The High Above and the Down Below)
“Merry-Go-Sorry” (School for Love)
“Everybody Knows” (Borders)
“I Thought That You Should Know” (Now You Are My Home)
“Carnival Girl” (12 Songs of Good And Evil)
“Thieves and Kings” (12 Songs of Good And Evil)
“The Long Road” with Richie Havens (500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions)

I’ll be back on the air March 15 with Randy McStine to talk about his new album.

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