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No guest this week, so lots of tunes – almost all of them brand new.

John McEuen – “My Dirty Life and Times” (Made in Brooklyn)
Alastair Moock – “Make It Great” (Alastair Moock)
Dan Blakeslee & The Calabash Club – “Johnny and June” (The Alley Walker)
Elizabeth Butler – “If I Knew” (single)
Gregory Howe – “Life is Rain” (Gregory Howe)
Shotgun Waltz – “Yankin’ This Chain” (Skin Deep)
Ryanhood – “The One Who Was On My Mind” (Yearbook)
Amber Rubarth – “Best I Can” (Wildflowers in the Graveyard)
Tift Merritt (featuring Sam Beam) – “Wait for Me” (Stitch of the World)
Amilia K. Spicer – “What I’m Saying” (Wow and Flutter)
Marie Miller – “Lost at Sea” (Letterbox)
Swearingen and Kelli – “You Run Away” (The Marrying Kind)
Lisa Said – “Peel the Moon” (Estranged)
Shelly Waters – “Blood, Sweat and Tears” (Shelly Waters)
Arrica Rose & The …’s – “X-Ray Eyes” (Low as the Moon)
John Lee Hooker – “Whiskey and Wimmen” (Whiskey and Wimmen: John Lee Hooker’s Finest)
North Mississippi All-Stars – “Run Red Rooster” (Prayer for Peace)
Pokey LaFarge – “Mother Nature” (Manic Revelations)
Ben Hunter, Phil Wiggins & Joe Seamons – “Longin’ for My Sugar” (A Black & Tan Ball)
Geoff Achison – “Delta Dave” (Another Mile, Another Minute)
Zoe Schwarz – “I Can’t Live Like That” (Blue Commotion)
John Pagano Band – “Trouble On Heels” (One More Round)
Sinners & Saints – “Promise Land” (On the Other Side)
Pierce Edens – “The Devil There Too” (Stripped Down Gussied Up)
Malcolm Holcombe – “The Sky Stood Still” (Pretty Little Troubles)
Slaid Cleaves – “If I Had a Heart” (Ghosts on the Car Radio)
Montgomery Delaney (featuring Sloan Wainwright) – “Ruled by the Moon” (Almost Anyone)
Rebecca Loebe – “Down to the Wire” (Blink)
Harpeth Rising – “The Highwayman” (Against All Tides)
D.T. Huber – “How Soon We Forget” (Electric Park)
Millpond Moon – “No Man’s Land” (Time to Turn the Tide)
Quiles & Cloud – “Black Sky Lightning” (Shake Me Now)
Darden Smith – “Love Will Win the War” (Everything)
Larry Murante – “Hungry Ghost” (Patch of Sky)
Wyatt Easterling – “Don’t Cry for Me” (Divining Rod)
Merlin Snider – “The Girl with the Long Brown Hair” (One Light Many Windows)
DC Bloom – “Sweet Sweet Time” (Just Another Song and Dance Man)

And one for Kirk:
Ray Davies – “Broken” (single)

Brian McKinley will be at the controls next week.
I’ll be back Aug. 2.

Great to have three of the four guys from the John Truth Experience – Michael McGuane, Joel Huizinga and Rick Czebiniak – in the studio to talk about their new album, “Barbed Wire.” Here’s what we played:
“Freedom for All”
“Hold On”
“Brother Moses”
“Years of Fears”
“Big Blue Train”

After that, we dipped into the bag of delights for some great new music.
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – “The Get Up and Go” (Singin’)
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – “Dark as a Dungeon” (Singin’)
Amber Cross – “Tracey Joe” (Savage on the Downhill)
Joe Jencks – “One Piece at a Time” (Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers)
Sarah Jane Scouten – “Bang Bang” (When the Bloom Falls Off the Rose)
Don Whitener – “Ballad of Jim Bowie” (Crossover)
Sylvia Bullett – “In Your Stride” (Flying Machine)
Austin & Elliott – “Hard Landing” (Cradle and Crow)
Zephaniah Ohora & The 18 Wheelers – “Songs My Mamma Sang” (This Highway)
Laura Zucker – “The Things My Father Gave Me” (Say Yes)
Davey O. – “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (A Bright Horizon Line)
Seth Glier – “Just Because I Can” (Birds)
Friction Farm – “Three Blocks from Sketchy” (So Many Stars)
Slaid Cleaves – “Take Home Pay” (Ghosts on the Car Radio)
Fred Eaglesmith – “Flames” (Standard)
Malcolm Holcombe – “We Struggle” (Pretty Little Troubles)
Janie Barnett & Blue Room – “Good Crazy Thing” (You See This River)
Scott Cook – “If He Showed Up Now” (Further Down the Line)
Dom Kelly (featuring Doris Murmastsu) – “Pie” (Everything is Just Enough)

Bonus track:
Idlewheel – “Dust of This Town” (Idlewheel)

I think this playlist reflects the correct order in which I aired the songs. Facebook didn’t save half of it, and the WHRW archive is down. But they’re all in there.

Thrilled to have Tim Gwardyak and the guys from Bug Tussle (David Carey, Ryan Cirbass and Robert Kerber) in the studio with me to talk about this weekend’s Busy Bird Bluegrass Festival. Here are the songs that Bug Tussle played live:
“Jenny Mule”
“Ain’t No Use in Trying”
“Stone Walls”

Then we played a selection of songs from other bands that will be at Busy Bird.
Flatt Lonesome – “Runaway Train” (Runaway Train)
Honeybuck – “Stompin’ Grounds” (Stompin’ Grounds)
Cold Chocolate – “I Wish” (The Way Back)
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice – “The Mountains Are Calling Me Home” (The Mountains Are Calling Me Home)

From there, it was a random assortment of mostly new tunes.
Gov’t Mule – “The Man I Want to Be” (Revolution Come, Revolution Go)
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix – “Fine Little Mama” (Crowin’ the Blues)
Roy Book Binder – “What You Gonna Do” (Road Songs and Stories)
Brooks Williams – “Trouble in Mind” (Brooks’ Blues)
Andy T Band – “I Was Gonna Leave You” (Double Strike)
Slaid Cleaves – “Drunken Barber’s Hand” (Ghost on the Car Radio)
Alice Howe – “Don’t Worry Honey” (You’ve Been Away So Long)
Austin & Elliott – “Rocking the Cradle” (Cradle & Crow)
Joshua James – “Blackbird Sorrow” (My Spirit Sister)
Catherine MacLellan – “Snowbird” (If It’s Alright With You: The Songs of Gene MacLellan)
Byrd & Street – “Mighty Long Road” (This Much is True)
Billy Bragg & Joe Henry – “Waiting for a Train” (Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad)
The Bucking Mules – “The Soldier and the Lady” (Smoke Behind the Clouds)
Kenny White – “4000 Reasons to Run” (Long List of Priors)
George Ensle – “Grandma’s Apron and Grandpa’s Vest” (Songswarm Vol. 1)
Ordinary Elephant – “Lady in the Elevator” (Before I Go)
Pat Wictor – “City Boy” (This is Absolutely Real: The Songs of Phil Ochs)
Phil Henry Acoustic Trio – “WQRZ” (PHAT Live)
John Craigie – “Broken” (No Rain, No Rose)
Mouths of Babes – “Lock & Key” (Brighter in the Dark)
Davey O. – “Nothing Could Go Wrong” (A Bright Horizon Line)

Next Wednesday at 7 p.m., I’ll be joined in studio by the John Truth Experience.

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