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Music with Lars (and a few with Erin). Fun times.

The Falconers – “The Frame Maker” (The Frame Maker)
Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – “Moab” (Connor Oberst)
G. Love – “Home” (Fixing to Die)
Blitzen Trapper – “American Goldwing” (American Goldwing)
Blitzen Trapper – “Country Caravan” (Wild Mountain Nation)
Johnny Flynn – “Fol-de-rol” (Country Mile)
Tallest Man on Earth – “Kids on the Run” (The Wild Hunt)
Johnny Cash – “The Man Comes Around” (American IV: The Man Comes Around)
Ray Wylie Hubbard – “Whoop and Hollar” (A: Enlightenment B: Endarkenment Hint: There is No C)
Baby Gramps & Peter Stampfel – “Casting My Spell” (Outertainment)
Baby Gramps & Peter Stampfel – “Ghost Train of Freak Mountain” (Outertainment)
Johnny Cash – “Over the Next Hill” (Personal File)
M. Ward – “To Go Home” (Post-War)
The Mountain Goats – “San Bernadino” (Hectic Pride)
The Mountain Goats – “This Year” (The Sunset Tree)
Dawes – “My Way Back Home” (Nothing is Wrong)
Foghat – “Drivin’ Wheel” (Best of Foghat) – BY REQUEST
Band of Horses – “Way Back Home” (Infinite Arms)
Cat Stevens – “On the Road to Find Out” (Tea for the Tillerman)
Bob Dylan – “Gotta Travel On” (Self-Portrait)
Nick Drake – “Road” (Pink Moon)
Hank Williams – “Ramblin’ Man” (40 Greatest Hits)
Joe Crookston – “Able Baker Charlie & Dog” (Able Baker Charlie & Dog)
Band of Annuals – “Follow Your Headlights Home” (Repondez)
James Mercer – “Journey Through the Past” (“180 South” Soundtrack)
The Hello Strangers – “Runaway” (The Hello Strangers)
Alan Lomax Collection – “I’m Goin’ Home” (Southern Journey Vol. 3)
Bonnie Somerville – “Winding Road” (“Garden State” Soundtrack)
The Howlin’ Brothers – “Gone” (The Stone Fox EP)
Alan Lomax Collection – “Sweet Roseanne” (Southern Journey Vol. 1)
Mississippi John Hurt – “Further Along” (The Last Sessions)
Mississippi John Hurt – “Goodnight, Irene” (The Last Sessions)

No plan for next week yet. Tune in then to see what I come up with.

[From 7-10 p.m. Tuesday]
Nice to chat in the first hour with New York City singer/songwriter Paul Sachs about his new album, “Survival is the New Success.” Learn more about him at Here are the tracks we played:
Paul Sachs – “Survival is the New Success” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “The Devil Never Did” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “Hank Williams’ Guitar” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “Oswald’s Window” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “Trouble Comes Easy” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “Jesus Candle” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “Gratitude” (Survival is the New Success)
Paul Sachs – “Painter and Sculptor (The Last American Town)” (Survival is the New Success)

After the roundup of local events. it was a free-for-all for the last two hours.
Ellis Paul – “Kick Out the Lights (Johnny Cash)” (Chasing Beauty)
Ellis Paul – “Drive-In Movie” (Chasing Beauty)
Ellis Paul – “UK Girl (Boston Calling)” (Chasing Beauty)
Joe Crookston – “Riding the Train (The Dream Mix)” (Georgia I’m Here)
Joe Crookston – “Tuesday Morning (For Roko)” (Georgia I’m Here)
Joe Crookston – “Miner in the Mourning” (Georgia I’m Here)
Joe Crookston – “Fall Down as the Rain” (Georgia I’m Here)
John Flynn – “For the Birds (Owed to St. Francis)” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
John Flynn – “Some Old Highway Song” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Malcolm Holcombe – “Sign for a Sally” (Pitiful Blues)
Paddy Mills – “Since the Big Box Came to Town” (Race to the Bottom)
Baby Gramps – “Cape Cod Girls” (Rogues’ Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys)
Bastard Bearded Irishmen – “Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Beer” (Rise of the Bastard)
Rupert Wates – “Traveling Circus” (The Rank Outsiders Ball)
Antigone Rising – “That Was the Whiskey” (New Arrivals Vol. 5: Artists for Hurricane Sandy Relief)
Smithfield Fair – “Jerry Lee Lewis All Night Long” (Companions)
The Hello Strangers – “Que Sera Sera” (The Hello Strangers)
Matt Nakoa – “We All Gotta Go (At Some Point)” (A Dozen Other Loves)
The Texas K.G.B. – “Doctor Doctor” (Captain Americana)
Higher Animals – “Slo Mo” (Higher Animals)
Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford – “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)” (Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack)
Katie Glassman & Snapshot – “I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine” (Dream a Little Dream)
Nate & Kate – “Opposites Attract” (Here You Are)
Driftwood – “Before I Rust” (Driftwood)
Driftwood – “The Carburetor & The Steam Engine” (Driftwood)
SONiA & disappear fear – “Mica Moca” (Tango)

[From 7-10 p.m. Tuesday]
Great to be joined by theater organist Nathan Avakian (by phone) as well as Binghamton Theater Organ Society founder Paul Stapel and Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band members Audrey Sellepack and Kristian Veech (in the studio) to talk about the concert at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Forum. It will feature Nathan solo and in collaboration with the Steel Drum Band. Learn more at

Here’s what we played:
Nathan Avakian – “Joy to the World” (Outside the Box: Live in Binghamton)
Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band – “Caribbean Sol” (Generations)
Nathan Avakian – “Bumble Boogie” – (Outside the Box: Live in Binghamton)
Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band – “Helter Skelter” – (Generations)
Nathan Avakian – “Mancini Collection” (Outside the Box)
Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band – “Coconut Cruise” (Generations)
Nathan Avakian – “Jersey Boys Medley” (Outside the Box: Live in Binghamton)

From there, it was an hour of random (but mostly twangy) tunes.
Esquela – “Phone Home” (Are We Rollin’)
Rupert Wates – “Murder in Broad Daylight” (The Rank Outsiders Ball)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Dirty Fingerprints” (Salvation)
The Sweet Potatoes – “Squeeze Box” (Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone)
Erik Balkey – “Born in the USA” (Everything is Great)
John McCutcheon – “The Night That Dan Ryan Got Locked in the Pub” (22 Days)
John McCutcheon – “Heaven’s Kitchen” (22 Days)
Joe Crookston – “Riding the Train (the Meter Maid Mix)” (Georgia I’m Here)
John Flynn – “Like Woody Done” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Davey O – “Niagara” (The Long Way Home)
Malcolm Holcombe – “By The Boots” (Pitiful Blues)
Leslie Evers – “I Can’t Remember My Dreams” (I Can’t Remember My Dreams)
Vincent Cross – “A Town Called Normal” (A Town Called Normal)
Ellis – “How Would It Be” (Wherever You Are)

Next week, I’ll be joined by singer/songwriter Paul Sachs to chat about his new album, “Survival is the New Success.” You won’t want to miss that.

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