The Signal

with Chris Kocher

A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment writer for the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Bringing you the best of Greater Binghamton's music and entertainment scene.


Started off with a selection of tunes from the singer/songwriters performing on Friday night at CyberCafe West in Binghamton.
Janet Batch – “Nobody Loves Me” (A Good Woman is Hard to Find)
Janet Batch – “Sweet Woman Down” (A Good Woman is Hard to Find)
Austin MacRae – “Hornets’ Nest” (Keeper)
Austin MacRae – “Anchor” (Keeper)
Jen Cork & The Good Hope – “All of Me” (Forever to Fall)
Jen Cork & The Good Hope – “The Levee” (Forever to Fall)
Andrew Alling – “Blue Stalking Womyn” (Beyond a Clique)
Andrew Alling – “Conduit” (Unladen)

Then to fill out the show, I shared a few tracks from last weekend’s Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference. Will sort through stuff and play more next week.
Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – “Tractor Pull” (Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys)
Big Little Lions – “Kind” (Alive and Well)
Big Little Lions – “Alive and Well” (Alive and Well)

Great to have traditional folk / blues musician Joe Rollin Porter on the show. He put on a great set at CyberCafe West afterward. Here’s what music we did between the interview segments:
“Black Jack Davey” (from “Take This Hammer”)
“Jackaroe” (live)
“Saro Jane” (live)
“Spike Driver Blues” (from “Take This Hammer”)

Then a few tunes to fill out the rest of the show.
Mary Gauthier – “The Last of the Hobo Kings” (Between Daylight and Dark)
John Flynn – “Let In The Song” (Vintage)
Matt Campbell – “The Night I Found Jesus” (The Man Who Had Everything)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Still Small Voice Inside” (Lost in the City)

Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Hoboken” (Lost in the City)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Goodbye Jim McBride” (Lost in the City)
Tellico – “Palisades” (Woven Waters)
Noah Zacharin – “Declare Your Love” (A Startle of Wings)
Paul Kelly – “With the One I Love” (Nature)
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – “Singin’” (Singin’)
I’m With Her – “Game to Lose” (See You Around)
Jory Nash – “Give Your Boy a Call” (Wilderness Years)
Old Riley & The Water – “Kind-Hearted Woman” (Biting Through)
Brooks Williams – “No Easy Way Back” (Lucky Star)
The ROAMies – “We Can Work It Out” (We Got Love)
Joe Rollin Porter – “Peggy-O” (Take This Hammer)

Next Wednesday, Joe Rollin Porter will be live in the studio with me, just before his show at CyberCafe West in Binghamton.

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