The Signal

with Chris Kocher

A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment writer for the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Bringing you the best of Greater Binghamton's music and entertainment scene.


Ray Davies – “Thanksgiving Day” (Other People’s Lives)
The Kinks – “Misfits” (Misfits)
Warren Zevon – “Desperados Under the Eaves” (Warren Zevon)
Robyn Hitchcock – “Sinister But She Was Happy” (Moss Elixir)
Dr. Pants – “Bowling with a Genius” (The Trip)
Space – “Disco Dolly” (Tin Planet)
John Wesley Harding – “There’s a Starbucks (Where the Starbucks Used to Be)” (The Sound of His Own Voice)
Hypnotic Clambake – “Kent the Zen Master” (Kent the Zen Master)
Mike Doughty – “Unmarked Helicopters” (Circles Super Bon Bon …)
The Slambovian Circus of Dreams – “The Great Unravel” (The Great Unravel)
Josephine – “Last Minute” (Portrait)
SONiA & disappear fear – “Rio’s Home” (DF05 Live)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “In the Pouring Rain” (Salvation)
Pinecone Fletcher – “Meet Me in the Bottom” (Live from the Glenwood Bakery)
Dirt Farm – “All My Neighbors Suck” (Working the Soil)
Greg Klyma – “Bean Bag Chair” (Not an Ordinary Guy)
Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks – “Who Are You?” (Tangled Tales)
Baby Gramps & Peter Stampfel – “Buzzard on the Gut Wagon” (Outertainment)
Driftwood – “Outer Space” (Driftwood)
Terence Martin – “I Want Everything” (Even Trade)
Malcolm Holcombe – “Who Carried You” (A Hundred Lies)
Mary Gauthier – “Camelot Motel” (Filth & Fire)
Davey O – “The Song I Wrote” (No Passengers)
John Flynn – “Bury Me with My Guitar” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Amber Rubarth (with Jason Reeves) – “City Starts to Bloom” (A Common Case of Disappearing)
Rachael Sage – “Alright, OK” (The Blistering Sun)
Ellis – “How Would It Be” (Break the Spell)
Joe Crookston – “Hands, Metal and Wood” (Able Baker Charlie & Dog)
Antje Duvekot – “Dandelion” (Big Dream Boulevard)
Heather Pierson – “Let It Roll Off Your Back” (The Hard Work of Living)
Brother Sun – “Mighty Long Way” (Weights & Wings)
Ray Wylie Hubbard – “Whoop and Hollar” (A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment [Hint: There Is No C])
Tanglefoot – “Secord’s Warning” (Captured Alive)
My Sweet Patootie – “Whistling & Jangling” (Good Day)
John Gorka – “Holed Up in Mason City” (Bright Side of Down)
K.C. Clifford – “Mockingbird” (The Tag Hollow Sessions)
Vance Gilbert – “Unfamiliar Moon” (Unfamiliar Moon)
Ellis Paul – “Jukebox on My Grave” (American Jukebox Fables)
Sylvie Lewis – “Conversation Piece” (Tangos & Tantrums)
Chris Trapper with the Wolverine Jazz Band – “All Time Favorite” (Gone Again)
Leon Redbone – “Ain’t Gonna Give You None of My Jelly Roll” (Any Time)
Chris Smither – “Train Home” (Train Home)
Samite – “Bwindo Forest Bird Song” (My Music World)
Leni Stern – “Simbo” (Africa)
U2 – “Helter Skelter” (Rattle & Hum)

Adam Ezra Group – “100 Year Storm” (Hurricane Wind)
Stone Cold Miracle – “Storms May Come” (Love Without a Doubt)
Rob Martinez – “Sooner or Later” (Today My Mind … Tomorrow the World)
Wesley Stace – “Better Tell No One Your Dreams” (Wesley Stace’s John Wesley Harding)
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – “Set Me Down on a Cloud” (Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real)
The Contenders – “Save a Place at the Table” (Laughing with the Reckless)
Terry Kitchen – “The Last Laugh” (The Quiet Places)
Hope Dunbar – “Living after Losing” (Three Black Crows)
Richie & Rosie – “Get Around Behind Me” (Nowhere in Time)
Bette Padgett – “Shower the People” (At the End of the Day)
Jim Byrnes – “Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won’t Do)” (Long Hot Summer Days)

Rob Martinez – “Let Me Tell You Why” (Today My Mind, Tomorrow the World)
Brother Roy – “Sunshine Lady” (Last Man Standing)
Elizabeth Erin Kemler – “A Cowgirl’s Tale” (The Weight of Mortal Skin)
Boubacar Traore – “Mousso” (Dounia Tabolo)
Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn – “Hello Friend” (Echo in the Valley)
Anna Tivel – “Last Cigarette” (Small Believer)
Crowes Pasture – “Darkness Outside” (Edge of America)
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – “Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper’s Dream)” (Anthology)
Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer – “Not Dark Yet” (Not Dark Yet)
The Infamous Stringdusters – “Just Like Heaven” (Undercover Vol. 2)
Dave Nachmanoff – “Bruise on My Soul” (Spinoza’s Dream)
Ray Davies – “Wings of Fantasy” (Americana)

When Is It On?

Fall 2017

You can catch this show on
Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Upcoming Shows

November 29 @ 6:30 PM