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with Chris Kocher

A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment writer for the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Bringing you the best of Greater Binghamton's music and entertainment scene.


Great to have Kathy Rutz back on the show to discuss two of our favorite topics: The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival. Here are the songs she picked out to play, and we shared some laughs too.

Adam Ezra Group – “Let Your Hair Down” (Hurricane Wind)
Slambovian Circus of Dreams – “The Invisible” (A Box of Everything)
The End of America – “Russian Fortune” (The End of America)
Heather Aubrey Lloyd – “Even Now” (A Message in This Mess)
Kyle Hancharick – “Lucky Man” (Before and After)
Ari & Mia – “Dusk” (Out of Stone)
Rupert Wates – “The Lights of Paris” (The Lights of Paris)
Eliza Novella – “Gulf Stream” (Wavy Sounds)
Ian Flanigan – “Welcome Home” (Shades of Blues)
Emerald Rae – “Magic Mirror” (Emerald Rae)
Kittel & Co. – “Home in the World” (Whorls)
Oliver the Crow – “Grace” (Oliver the Crow)
Burns & Kristy – “I Bow to You” (Always Home)
Dar Williams – “Girl of the World” (Emerald)
The Kennedys – “Safe Until Tomorrow” (Safe Until Tomorrow)
Leni Stern w/ Mamadou Ba & Alioune Faye – “Spell” (3)
Vance Gilbert – “For the Good Times” (Nearness of You)
Mustard’s Retreat – “Make Your Own Luck” (Make Your Own Luck)
Rod Picott – “Date of Grace” (Out Past the Wires)
Adam Ezra – “Ziggy Stardust” (Memoria)

Hadden Sayres – “Peppermint Patty” (Dopamine Machine)
Anthony Geraci – “Two Steps Away from the Blues” (Why Did You Have to Go)
Gina Sicilia – “Angels Watching” (Heard the Lie)
Kat Riggins – “Second to None” (In the Boys’ Club)
Steve Howell & The Mighty Men – “It Hurts to Be in Love” (Good as I Been To You)
The Bennett Brothers – “Rocking Chair” (Not Made for Hire)
The Lucky Losers – “Alligator Baptism” (Blind Spot)
Bruce Katz Band – “Get Your Groove” (Get Your Groove)
Tas Cru – “Daddy Didn’t Give You Much” (Memphis Song)
Ike Reilly – “Don’t Turn Your Back on Friday Night” (Crooked Love)
J.P. Soars – “Sure as Hell Ain’t Foolin’ Me” (Southbound I-95)
Dustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen – “Out of My Mind” (Break It Down)
Rachael Sage – “Olivia” (Myopia)
Susan Shann – “Ordinary Miracles” (Reckless Abandon)
Oliver the Crow – “Sailing with the Tide” (Oliver the Crow)
Nancy Cassidy – “River’s Rising” (River’s Rising)
Belle of the Fall – “Spinning Around the Sun” (Rise Up)
Van William – “Don’t Take My Love” (Countries)
Cris Cuddy – “Faces in the Fire” (Dream On)
The Furious Seasons – “Fort Knox” (Now Residing Abroad)
Laurie MacAllister w/ Ellis Paul – “A Thousand Years” (The Lies the Poets Tell)
Jesse Terry w/ Dar Williams – “Stargazer” (Natural)
Anna & Elizabeth – “Virginia Rambler” (The Invisible Comes to Us)
The Sideshow Tragedy – “Afraid to Fall” (The View from Nowhere)
The Slocan Ramblers – “First Train in the Morning” (Queen City Jubilee)
The Lied To’s – “Windtalker” (The Lesser of Two Evils)
Vivian Leva – “Sturdy as the Land” (Time is Everything)
Phil Maderia – “Native Son” (Providence)
Carolann Solebello – “Meeting the Muse” (Shiver)
Bobby Sweet – “No More Wagons” (All These Changes)
Danielle Nicole – “Bobby” (Cry No More)
Dan Navarro – “Bulletproof Heart” (Shed My Skin)
Jeni Hankins – “Sleeping in Doorways” (The Oxygen Girl)
Ariel Zevon – “I’ll Be a Curse” (The Detangler)
Emerald Rae – “Who Will Lie Beside You Now?” (Emerald Rae)
Richard Ruane & Beth Duquette – “Last Time You Came Around” (Notch Road)
John McCutcheon – “Ghost Light” (Ghost Light)
The Kennedys – “Midnight Train to Georgia” (Safe Until Tomorrow)

Next week, Kathy Rutz returns to the show to review The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and preview Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival. Tune in!

Zoe Speaks – “That’s What Dreamers Do” (Wings)
Wes Collins – “Anywhere But Here” (Welcome to the Ether)
Dave Fry – “Ten Men” (Troubadour)
Indigo Girls – “Happy in the Sorrow Key” (Live with the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra)
Gary Paul – “Relocatin’ My Situation” (American Road)
Bruce T. Carroll – “If That’s the Way You Feel” (Finding You)
Abbie Gardner – “Wallflower Days” (Wishes on a Neon Sign)
Even More Nest – “Major Tom” (The Place That You Call Home)
Mustard’s Retreat – “Whisper of the Stars” (Make Your Own Luck)
Ellen Starski – “Fairweather Friends” (The Days When Peonies Prayed for the Ants)
Jory Nash – “The Astral Plane” (Wilderness Years)
Eliza Gilkyson – “In the Name of the Lord” (Secularia)
The Cowboy Junkies – “Shining Teeth” (All That Reckoning)
Andrew & Casey Calhoun – “Shine On Harvest Moon / The Glory of Love” (Skeins)
Mary Gauthier – “Brothers” (Rifles & Rosary Beads)
Mary Gauthier – “Morphine 1-2” (Rifles & Rosary Beads)
Don Gallardo w/ Erin Rae – “A Boat Called Harmony” (Still Here)
Andrew Hardin & Hank Alrich – “You Never Should Have Stolen That Horse” (Ah Ha!)
Hadley McCall Thackston – “Change” (Hadley McCall Thackston)
Susan Cattaneo – “Lonely By My Lover” (The Hammer & The Heart)
Michael Kaeshammer – “Dixie Has the Blues” (Something New)
Dan Navarro – “Straight to the Heart of Me” (Shed My Skin)
The Andrew Collins Trio – “Just a Gigolo” (Tongue)
John Linn – “The Starbucks Song” (Illinois 14)
Kerry Patrick Clark – “Remember When the Music” (In a Perfect World)
Linda Saslove – “It’ll All Work Out” (Everything)
Rob McHale – “When the Sun Shines In” (Prophets on the Boulevard)
3hattrio – “In Our Hands” (Lord of the Desert)
Billy Hector – “Butt Naked and Funk” (Someday Baby)
Keith Stone & Red Gravy – “Ain’t That the Blues” (Keith Stone & Red Gravy)
Kara Grainger – “Groove Train” (Living with Your Ghost)
Wade Bowen – “Fell in Love on Whiskey” (Solid Ground)
Western Centuries – “Wild You Run” (Songs from the Deluge)
Whiskey Wolves of the West – “Lay that Needle Down” (Whiskey Wolves of the West)
Oak Ridge Boys – “Let It Shine on Me” (17th Avenue Revival)
Ray Davies – “Our Country” (Our Country: Americana Act II)
Ray Davies – “Oklahoma USA” (Our Country: Americana Act II)

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