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[From 7-10 p.m. Tuesday]
Great to be joined by theater organist Nathan Avakian (by phone) as well as Binghamton Theater Organ Society founder Paul Stapel and Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band members Audrey Sellepack and Kristian Veech (in the studio) to talk about the concert at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Forum. It will feature Nathan solo and in collaboration with the Steel Drum Band. Learn more at

Here’s what we played:
Nathan Avakian – “Joy to the World” (Outside the Box: Live in Binghamton)
Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band – “Caribbean Sol” (Generations)
Nathan Avakian – “Bumble Boogie” – (Outside the Box: Live in Binghamton)
Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band – “Helter Skelter” – (Generations)
Nathan Avakian – “Mancini Collection” (Outside the Box)
Binghamton High School “Juice Blenders” Steel Band – “Coconut Cruise” (Generations)
Nathan Avakian – “Jersey Boys Medley” (Outside the Box: Live in Binghamton)

From there, it was an hour of random (but mostly twangy) tunes.
Esquela – “Phone Home” (Are We Rollin’)
Rupert Wates – “Murder in Broad Daylight” (The Rank Outsiders Ball)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Dirty Fingerprints” (Salvation)
The Sweet Potatoes – “Squeeze Box” (Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone)
Erik Balkey – “Born in the USA” (Everything is Great)
John McCutcheon – “The Night That Dan Ryan Got Locked in the Pub” (22 Days)
John McCutcheon – “Heaven’s Kitchen” (22 Days)
Joe Crookston – “Riding the Train (the Meter Maid Mix)” (Georgia I’m Here)
John Flynn – “Like Woody Done” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Davey O – “Niagara” (The Long Way Home)
Malcolm Holcombe – “By The Boots” (Pitiful Blues)
Leslie Evers – “I Can’t Remember My Dreams” (I Can’t Remember My Dreams)
Vincent Cross – “A Town Called Normal” (A Town Called Normal)
Ellis – “How Would It Be” (Wherever You Are)

Next week, I’ll be joined by singer/songwriter Paul Sachs to chat about his new album, “Survival is the New Success.” You won’t want to miss that.

Played some cool new music in the first hour – as well as a special Driftwood track in memory of Charlie.

Driftwood – “Outer Space” (Driftwood)
Victor Cross – “Turn Your Eyes” (A Town Called Normal)
Paul Sachs – “Jesse” (Survival is the New Success)
Malcolm Holcombe – “Pitiful Blues” (Pitiful Blues)
John Flynn – “Singer-Songwriter” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Red June – “I Still Wait” (Ancient Dreams)
Nate & Kate – “The Click Drag Cut & Paste” (Here You Are)
The Hello Strangers – “Never Roam Again” (The Hello Strangers)
The Yearlings – “Blue Sky Boy” (All The Wandering)
Valerie June – “Workin’ Woman Blues” (Pushin’ Against a Stone)
Texas K.G.B. – “Corners” (Captain Americana)

Then, we had a cool interview with Colorado singer/songwriter Katey Laurel about her new album, “Periscope.” If you want to know more about her music, go to Here are the tracks we played.

Katey Laurel – “Hurricane” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “All The Way Home” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “The Optimist” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “Only Human” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “Periscope” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “Battlesong” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “Beautiful World” (Periscope)
Katey Laurel – “Begin Again” (From Here)
Katey Laurel – “Blue Sky’s Comin’” (From Here)

From there, we played a random assortment of music in the last 45 minutes.
Joe Crookston – “Black Dress (I’m In Love with a Woman)” (Georgia I’m Here)
Joe Crookston – “Out On the Run (For Josie Rae)” (Georgia I’m Here)
Abe Loomis – “Better You Than Me” (The Early Treasuries)
Laura Zucker – “Home” (Life Wide Open)
Tim Grimm – “Blame It On the Dog” (The Turning Point)
Ronstadt Generation y Los Tusconences – “Riders in the Sky” (Epilogue)
Asylum Street Spankers – “Didn’t It Rain” (The Last Laugh)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Gettin’ Realistic” (Salvation)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Hell is Somewhere” (Spottiswoode & His Enemies)
Space – “Guest List to Hell” (Attack of the Mutant 50 Ft Kabob)
Silverclub – “Pick Up the Needle” (Silverclub)
The Kinks – “Scattered” (Phobia)

Next week, we’ll discuss Nathan Avakian’s July 20 Binghamton Theater Organ Society concert at the Forum. Nathan will dial in; Paul Stapel of BTOS and Binghamton High School band director Joel Smales (because BHS’s Steel Drum Band will collaborate with Avakian during the show).

Lots of great new music – some of it brand new, some from the last few months, all of it cool.

John Flynn – “Bury Me with My Guitar” and “Malala” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Malcolm Holcombe – “The Music Plays On” and “Pitiful Blues” (Pitiful Blues)
Rupert Wates – “The Rank Outsiders Ball” and “The Entertainer” (The Rank Outsiders Ball)
Rod MacDonald – “Don’t Come Knocking” and “Hole in the Bible” (Later That Night)
The Sweet Potatoes – “Not Gonna Let It Get To Me” and “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” (Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone)
Nate & Kate – “Livin’ on Gasoline” and “If You Want to Be Rich” (Here You Are)
Paul Sachs – “Survival is the New Success” and “Hank Williams’ Guitar” (Survival is the New Success)
The Squirrel Hillbillies – “Cowboy Song” and “Goody Shoes” (Goody Shoes)
Linda McRae – “Strength, Hope and Love” and “Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts” (Fifty Shades of Red)
Glen Roethel – “Unfolding As I Go” and “No Problems Today” (Unfolding)
Andrew Corbett – “Bright Blue Ball” and “Rainy Day People” (Moments of Grace)
Jackie Morris – “Come and Gone” and “Bad Tattoo” (Can’t Fix Crazy)
Janiva Magness – “Let Me Breathe” and “When You Were My King” (Original)
Craig Bickhardt -“Stan” and “Go Round” (The More I Wonder)
Leslie Evers – “Break a Little Heart” and “Wonder Woman” (I Can’t Remember My Dreams)
Marc Douglas Berardo – “My Mistakes” and “Wherever I Go” (Whalebone)
Jane Fallon – “That’s Enough for Me” and “Daddy Was a Cowboy” (Tangled in a Tree)
Neale Eckstein – “One Month Crazier” (with Buskin & Batteau and Tom Rush) and “One Friend” (with Bethel Steele) (Click)
Dolly Parton – “Banks of the Ohio” and “Unlikely Angel” (Blue Smoke)
John Malcolm Penn – “Driftin’ River” and “Old Glory” (Driftin’ River)

REQUEST: Commander Cody – “Too Much Fun” (Too Much Fun: The Best of Commander Cody)

Might have a guest next week. I will let you know as soon as I know.

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