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A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment writer for the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Bringing you the best of Greater Binghamton's music and entertainment scene.


Lots of great music this year. Here is the first batch, in no particular order.

Ray Davies – “Our Country” (Our Country: Americana Act 2)
Ray Davies – “The Real World” (Our Country: Americana Act 2)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Now Didn’t I?” (Lost in the City)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Dirty Spoon” (Lost in the City)
Big Little Lions – “Our Turn” (Alive and Well)
Rachael Sage – “Alive” (Myopia)
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “Say It Louder” (Tearing at the Seams)
I’m With Her – “See You Around” (See You Around)
Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth – “Someone Singing With Me” (“American Folk” soundtrack)
Malcolm Holcombe – “In the Winter” (Come Hell or High Water)
Mary Gauthier – “Bullet Holes in the Sky” (Rifles & Rosary Beads)
Leni Stern w/ Mamadou Ba & Alioune Faye – “Calabas” (3)
Leni Stern w/ Mamadou Ba & Alioune Faye – “Crocodile” (3)
Nate Gross Band – “Ramblin’” (Good Night for the Blues)
Chris Smither – “Down to the Sound” (Call Me Lucky)
Paul Sachs – “Leave a Little Heaven Behind” (Full Detroit)
Tracy Grammer – “The Mark” (Low Tide)
Reggie Harris – “3:16 a.m.” (Ready to Go)
The Kennedys – “Sing the Chorus” (Safe Until Tomorrow)
Joe Jencks – “Who Will Speak for Me” (The Forgotten)
John Flynn – “Sing Me On My Way” (Vintage)
John McCutcheon – “Me and Jesus” (Ghost Light)
Kathy Mattea – “Tell Me What You Ache For” (Pretty Bird)
Rod Abernathy – “How to Forget” (The Man I’m Supposed to Be)
Ariel Zevon – “Digitize My Heart” (The Detangler)
Tragedy Ann – “Snooze” (Matches)
Abbie Gardner – “Burn Me Down” (Wishes on a Neon Sign)
B – “We Come from War” (Ghosts Underneath My Skin)
Joe Rollin Porter – “Jackaroe” (Take This Hammer)
Rich DePaolo – “Is Anybody There?” (Killed for Kings)
Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – “Temporary Tattoo” (Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys)
Tristen – “Glass Jar” (Sneaker Waves)
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – “Steer True” (The Ode)
Brooks Williams – “Rock Me” (Lucky Star)
Mary Chapin Carpenter – “The Moon & St. Christopher” (Sometimes Just the Sky)
Low Lily – “10,000 Days Like These” (10,000 Days Like These)
John Prine – “When I Get to Heaven” (Tree of Forgiveness)

Great time having Andrea Di Cesare, DJ Kira, and Dana and Bob from Voodoo Highway on the air. Thanks again to the students who set them up in CR-2 on short notice. Here’s the playlist.
Two recorded pieces from Andrea:
“Pop 2 Lento”
“His Second Word”

Then live:
“Mississippi Half Step” (Grateful Dead cover)
“Pulaski at Night” (Andrew Bird cover)
“Londra” (Andrea / Kyra)
“Talk to Me Baby” (written by Willie Dixon and originally recorded by Elmore James)
“Better Off Alone” (Voodoo Highway original)

Here are the performances planned while Kyra and Andrea are in town.

- 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Di Cesare and Kyra will be special guests as Voodoo Highway hosts the Ransom Steele Tavern Blues Collective jam (552 Main St. in Apalachin).

- 7:30 p.m. Friday: At Owego Originals (23 Lake St. in Owego), Di Cesare and Kyra perform in the first set, joined by Voodoo Highway in the second set.

- 9 p.m. Saturday at Cyber Cafe West (176 Main St, Binghamton) will be “Ciao Jerry” featuring Di Cesare with Voodoo Highway & Company (which also includes keyboardist Curtis Kendrick) for two sets of the Grateful Dead.

- 1 p.m. Sunday: Coffeehouse show at Hinman Starbucks on BU’s Vestal campus includes Di Cesare, Kyra and Acoustic Voodoo (Stewart and Rynone on acoustic guitars).

- 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6: Di Cesare and Kyra will be special guests as Voodoo Highway hosts the Thursday Night Open Jam at Red’s Kettle Inn (93 CFJ Boulevard in Johnson City).

- Friday, Dec 7: First Friday Italian Night at BU Downtown Center (67 Washington St. in Binghamton) will include an Italian-themed open mic at 6 p.m. (performers should contact Dana Stewart at followed by a concert with Di Cesare and Kyra (approximately 7 p.m.).

- 9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8, at Cyber Cafe will be the final show of the visit, with Di Cesare and Kyra, joined by Voodoo Highway in the second set.

Next week begins three-hour shows (7-10 p.m. Wednesdays) for the winter break, so I’ll start rounding up my favorite tunes of 2018.

Rounding up the great music I heard at NERFA a couple of weekends ago.

I still have another stack of CDs from folks who were there but I did not see perform live. Maybe I’ll save those for another week.

Big Little Lions – “Find Your Tribe” (Alive and Well)
Big Little Lions – “Big Mistake” (Alive and Well)
Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt – “Undone” (Hang On for the Ride)
Kim Moberg – “Be the Light” (Above Ground)
Antonio Andrade – “Bended Elbow, Bended Knee” (Something Happened)
Susan Shann – “Wild Seed” (Reckless Abandon)
Noah Derksen – “Nothing” (Nothing)
Jaeger & Reid – “Together” (From Way Up Here)
Katherine Rondeau – “Raise Up Your Hand” (New Hope Chateau)
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – “The Get Up and Go” (Singin’)
Joe Jencks – “Let Me Sing You a Song” (Poets, Philosophers, Workers & Wanderers)
Kyle Carey – “Sweet Damnation” (The Art of Forgetting)
Katie Dahl – “Lombardi Avenue” (Ordinary Band)
Elena & Los Fulanos – “Oceans” (Volcan)
Jesse Terry w/ Dar Williams – “Noise” (Natural)
Susan Cattaneo w/ the Bottle Rockets – “Work Hard Love Harder” (The Hammer & The Heart)
Rod Abernathy – “The Bucket Song” (The Man I’m Supposed to Be)
Zoe Mulford – “One Damn Thing” (Small Brown Birds)
Kipyn Martin – “Madeleine” (Dance Across the Sky)
Emerald Rae – “Who Will Lie Beside You Now?” (Emerald Rae)
Michael Jerling – “Family Recipe” (Family Recipe)
Tragedy Ann – “Neon & Velour” (Matches)
Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – “Pickup Cowboy” (Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys)
Loretta Hagen – “This World of Ours” (Lucky Stars)
Rorie Kelly – “If You Teach a Bird to Sing” (Rising Rising Rising)
Miles to Dayton – “Close Your Eyes” (Forces Unknown)
Gillian Nicola – “Oh Marie” (No Place to Call)
Mark Dvorak – “This Train Ain’t Bound for Glory” (Brand New Wings)
Crowes Pasture – “The Champ” (Edge of America)
Jon Shain & FJ Ventre – “Song for an Old Friend” (Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday Soon)
Randall Kromm – “Thankful” (Sentimental Season)

And the traditional bonus track:
Ray Davies – “Thanksgiving Day” (Other People’s Lives)

At 6:30 p.m. next Wednesday, Italian pop violinist Andrea Di Cesare returns for a live session with members of Voodoo Highway. Tune in!

When Is It On?

This show is not currently scheduled. Check back next semester or during signups!