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Great to have local pop singer/songwriter Brenna Swanger back in the studio to talk about her new single, “Forged From Fire,” and the cool developments in her music career. Here are the tunes:
“Forged From Fire” (single version)
“Classified Ignorance” (live)
“Bright Blue Sweater” (live)
“Midnight Velvet” (live)
“365” (live)
“Tenerife Sea” (Ed Sheeran cover – live)

Next week, Italian violinist Andrea di Cesare will be in studio with members of local band Voodoo Highway.

It’s the last 90-minute show of the spring semester – then we head into three-hour summer programs. Yay!

Awesome to chat with Danielle Miraglia about her new album, “Glory Junkies.” Learn more about her music at
Here’s what we played.
Danielle Miraglia – “Glory Junky” (Glory Junkies)
Danielle Miraglia – “Tear It Down” (Glory Junkies)
Danielle Miraglia – “Left Hand Turn” (Glory Junkies)
Danielle Miraglia – “Carmella” (Glory Junkies)
Danielle Miraglia – “Dead End Street” (Glory Junkies)
Danielle Miraglia – “Warning Fair Warning” (Glory Junkies)
Danielle Miraglia – “Coffee-Stained Thank You Cards” (Glory Junkies)

After the events roundup, a few bonus tracks.
Ray Wylie Hubbard – “Barefoot in Heaven” (The Ruffian’s Misfortune)
Tom Chapin – “Old Dogs & Old Friends” (70)
Elaine Romanelli – “She & He” (The Hour Before)
The Lied To’s – “Do You Ever Miss The Things You Swore You Never Would” (The Lied To’s)
Rachael Sage – “Blue Roses” (Blue Roses)

Next week, teen singer/songwriter Brenna Swanger returns to the show for a live session and to discuss her burgeoning pop career.

Nice to chat with Anthony and Savana Lee Crawford of Alabama-based Americana band Sugarcane Jane. We discussed their new album “Dirt Road’s End” (out April 28) as well as how they got together and the need to balance family and music.
Sugarcane Jane – “Ballad of Sugarcane Jane” (Dirt Road’s End)
Sugarcane Jane – “The Game” (Dirt Road’s End)
Sugarcane Jane – “San Andreas” (Dirt Road’s End)
Sugarcane Jane – “Home Nights” (Dirt Road’s End)
Sugarcane Jane – “Sugar” (Dirt Road’s End)
Sugarcane Jane – “Glory Bound” (Dirt Road’s End)

From there, I did the events roundup for the weekend and fit in some bonus tracks.
Malcolm Holcombe – “Who Carried You” (The RCA Sessions)
Allison Moorer – “Like It Used To Be” (Down to Believing)
Ray Wylie Hubbard – “Mr. Musselwhite’s Blues” (The Ruffian’s Misfortune)
Elaine Romanelli – “25” (The Hour Before)
David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin – “Only God Knows” (Songs Around the Kitchen Table)

Next week, I chat with Danielle Miraglia about her new album, “Glory Junkies.”

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