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Great to have Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield in the studio. They’ll perform between sets of Ugly Dolphin at Cyber Cafe West in Binghamton around 10 p.m. on Thursday (4/28). Learn more about their music at

Here are the tracks we played in between our chat.
Roy Schneider – “Dancin’ on the Mountain” (Walls that Talk)
Roy Schneider – “Cabin in the Sky” (Ten from the Pen)
Roy Schneider – “Climbin’ the Walls with You” (Ten from the Pen)

No guest, so here’s what we played.

Amber Rubarth – “City Starts to Bloom” (A Common Case of Disappearing)
Brother Sun – “Source of the Sun” (Weights & Wings)
Meg Braun – “Drunkard’s Daughter” (Restless Moon)
Ken Whiteley – “Bring It All Right Down” (Freedom Blues)
Victor & Penny – “Moon Over Bourbon Street” (Electricity)
Monica Rizzio – “Willie Nelson” (Washashore Girl)
Rebecca Folsom – “Lowcountry” (Extraordinary Days)
Robinlee Garber – “Tired of Being the Moon” (Resilience)
Terri Hendrix – “Northern Lights” (Love You Strong)
Baby Gramps & Peter Stamfel – “Buzzard on the Gut Wagon” (Outertainment)

Fun to chat with singer-songwriter Matt Nakoa, a native of Chenango County who has made a name for himself around the Northeast and beyond. He’ll perform with a band at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Perry Browne Intermediary School in Norwich as a fundraiser for the Stanford Gibson Elementary Milk Fund.

We played a few tracks from his 2014 album “A Dozen Other Lives”:
“Barefoot Dancer”
“You Are My Moonshine”
“Daisies in the Rain”
“Where on Earth is Heaven?”
“We All Gotta Go (At Some Point)”

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