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A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment writer for the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Bringing you the best of Greater Binghamton's music and entertainment scene.


First show in the new slot. (Remember: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays!)

Ray Davies – “The Great Highway” (Americana)
Robyn Hitchcock – “Autumn Sunglasses” (Robyn Hitchcock)
Bill Booth – “Home is on the Road” (Some Distant Shore)
Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer – “Lithium” (Not Dark Yet)
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – “Four Letter Word” (Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real)
Wesley Stace – “The Wilderness Years” (Wesley Stace’s John Wesley Harding)
David Rawlings – “Yup” (Poor David’s Almanack)
Ben Hunter, Phil Wiggins & Joe Seamons – “Longin’ for My Sugar” (A Black & Tan Ball)
Katherine Rondeau – “Boyish Charms” (New Hope Chateau)
Phil Henry Acoustic Trio – “Old Joe’s Chair” (PHAT Live)
Steven Blane – “More Than You” (The Shed Sessions)
The Harmonizing Four – “Happy Home” (Jesus Rocked the Jukebox: Small Group Black Gospel 1951-1965)
John Pagano Band – “Make You Shout” (One More Round)

Lots of great new music for the last of the three-hour summer shows.

Gregg Allman – “My Only True Friend” (Southern Blood)
Gregg Allman – “Going Going Gone” (Southern Blood)
Chris Hillman – “Such is the World We Live In” (Bidin’ My Time)
Lizz Wright – “Singing in My Soul” (Grace)
Lenore – “Dig” (Lenore)
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos – “Don’t Call Me Darlin’” (Above the Sweet Tea Line)
Rusty Young – “Sara’s Song” (Waitin’ for the Sun)
Jack Tempchin – “Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody Tonight” (Peaceful Easy Feeling)
Emily Mure – “As the World Falls Down” (Worth)
Sean McConnell – “Holy Days” (Undone – Acoustic Recordings)
Roof Beams – “My Jesus Doesn’t Drive” (Charon)
Ray Wylie Hubbard – “Old Wolf” (Tell the Devil I’m Getting There as Fast as I Can)
Gov’t Mule – “Revolution Come, Revolution Go” (Revolution Come, Revolution Go)
George Thorogood – “The Sky is Crying” (Party of One)
Humbird – “Leave a Light On” (Where Else)
Shawn Taylor & The Wandering Roots – “Dime and a Bottle of Wine” (Balance)
Amber Cross – “One Last Look” (Savage on the Downhill)
Pokey LaFarge – “Going to the Country” (Manic Revelations)
Gregory Howe – “Flower in the Weeds” (Gregory Howe)
Daisycutter – “Johnny Appleseed” (Waiting for the Stars)
The Waifs – “Important Things” (Ironbark)
Seth Glier – “For What It’s Worth” (Birds)
Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio – “Singin’” (Singin’)
Zephaniah Ohora & The 18-Wheelers – “High Class City Girl from the Country” (This Highway)
Austin & Elliott – “Rocking the Cradle” (Cradle & Crow)
Sylvia Bullett – “Flying Machine” (Flying Machine)
Rachael Baiman – “In the Space of a Day” (Shame)
Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton – “Johnny Said to May” (Wildflower Blues)
KC Groves – “Northern Lights” (Happy Little Trees)
Jillette Johnson – “I’m Sorry” (All I Ever See in You is Me)
Rebecca Loebe – “Neverman” (Blink)
Chris & Meredith Thompson – “Fair and Tender Ladies” (Lines of Longitude)
Davey O. – “Making Good Time” (A Bright Horizon Line)
Parker Milsap – “A Little Fire” (The Very Last Day)
Malcolm Holcombe – “Yours No More” (Pretty Little Troubles)

Bonus track (the traditional end-of-summer-programming sendoff):
The Kinks – “Summer’s Gone” (Word of Mouth)

Don’t know exactly where I will end up this fall (probably still Wednesday night), but will post on Facebook as soon as I get info:

Great to have Devinne Meyers back in the studio for a chat and some songs.
Here’s what she played live (soon to be recorded for her album “Silver Line”):
“Don’t Fall in Love with That Woman”
“Humbling Fog”
“Paint the Signs”
“The Day is New”
“When I Heard about Timmy”
“Beloved Debtor”

From there, we shared some brand-new tunes.
Josephine Oniyama – “‘Til You” (single)
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – “Just Outside of Austin” (Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real)
Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer – “Silver Wings” (Not Dark Yet)
Ken Dunn – “Tales of Wandering” (Wondrous Beauty)
Randall Kromm – “Arms Wide Open” (Rough and Polished Stones)
Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt – “The Strength to Not Fight Back” (Hang On for the Ride)
Folkapotamus – “Calmer Waters” (Middle of Nowhere)
Robert K. Wolfe – “The Wrong Side of Gone” (The Safest Place I Know)
Montgomery Delaney – “Walking in the Light” (Walking in the Light)
Young & Rusty – “San Antonio Honeymoon” (Comeback Coming On)
Kenny White – “Lights Over Broadway” (Long List of Priors)

Bonus track:
Baby Gramps – “Cape Cod Girls” (Rogue’s Gallery)

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