The Signal

with Chris Kocher

A weekly entertainment show hosted by Chris Kocher, entertainment writer for the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Bringing you the best of Greater Binghamton's music and entertainment scene.


Chris Smither – “Down to the Sound” (Call Me Lucky)
Jesse Terry – “Runaway Town” (Natural)
The New Zeitgeist – “Old Hammerin’ Bill” (Myths and Mortals)
Kerry Patrick Clark – “Remember When the Music” (In a Perfect World)
3hattrio – “Dust Devil” (Lord of the Desert)
Antonio Andrade – “Bended Elbow Bended Knee” (Something Happened)
Andrew & Casey Calhoun – “Journey” (Skeins)
Whiskey Wolves of the West – “This Song Ain’t Gonna Write Itself” (Country Roots)
John Gorka – “True in Time” (True in Time)
Sarah McQuaid – “The Tug of the Moon” (If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous)
Michelle LeBlanc – “I Would Jump” (A Man Like You)
Greg Schatz – “Roll Like a River” (Small Peace of Mind)
Surrender Hill – “PBR and Cigarettes” (Tore Down Fences)
Ruby Boots – “Break My Heart Twice” (Don’t Talk About It)
Brandi Carlisle – “Hold Out Your Hand” (By the Way, I Forgive You)
I’m With Her – “Wild One” (See You Around)
Vivian Leva – “Wishes and Dreams” (Time is Everything)
Danielle Nicole – “Hot Spell” (Cry No More)
Susan Cattaneo – “The River Always Wins” (The Hammer & The Heart)
Rebekah Long – “Lay Your Isaac Down” (Run Away)
Mary Gauthier – “Still on the Ride” (Rifles & Rosary Beads)
Big Little Lions – “Alive and Well” (Alive and Well)
True North – “One-Way Ticket” (Open Road, Broken Heart)
Van William – “Never Had Enough of You” (Countries)
Mare Wakefield & Nomad – “The Day We Buried Mama (& Cousin Bobby Joe Got Wed)” (Time to Fly)
Greg Wickham – “If I Left This World” (If I Left This World)
Dori Freeman – “That’s Alright” (Letters Never Read)
Johnsmith – “Still Bigger Heart” (Ginko)
Chris LaVancher – “Sing Your Song” (Big Fat Love)
Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth – “Someone Singing With Me” (American Folk soundtrack)
John Oates & The Good Road Band – “Spike Driver Blues” (Arkansas)
Steep Canyon Rangers – “Going Midwest” (Out in the Open)
Eric Bannan – “Keepers of the Flame” (You Are Welcome Here)
Chuck Williams – “Riders of the Rails” (Stories I’ve Told)
Ruth Hill – “Happiness” (Reunion of Broken Parts)
Patrick Coman – “Rock When I Roll” (Tree of Life)
John McCutcheon – “Ghost Light” (Ghost Light)
The Mastersons – “Happy When I’m Movin’” (Transient Lullaby)
Kyle Carey – “The Art of Forgetting” (The Art of Forgetting)
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – “American Dream” (The Ode)

Hot Club Sandwich – “Swang Thang” (No Pressure)
Wade Bowen – “So Long 6th Street” (Solid Ground)
Gary Paul – “Hot Coffee” (American Road)
Alan Barnosky – “Childhood Ghosts” (Old Freight)
Patrick Coman – “Dirty Old Bedbug Blues” (Tree of Life)

Bonus track in honor of “Durante!” at The Schorr Family Firehouse Stage on Sunday:
Jimmy Durante – “As Time Goes By” (Best of Jimmy Durante)

I’m With Her – “Ain’t That Fine” (See You Around)
Vivian Leva – “Why Don’t You Introduce Me As Your Darlin’” (Time is Everything)
The Naked Sun – Holdin’ Back the Heart” (War with Shadows)
The Fugitives – “London in the Sixties” (The Promise of Strangers)
Big Little Lions – “Find Your Tribe” (Alive and Well)

When Is It On?

Spring 2018

You can catch this show on
Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 7 PM.

Upcoming Shows

March 28 @ 6:30 PM