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A ramble through the past year.

Beautiful Small Machines – “The DJ Stayed Home” (The DJ Stayed Home)
Silverclub – “Gravity” (Gravity EP)
Dave Davies – “Semblance of Sanity” (Rippin’ Up Time)
Ingrid Michaelson – “Time Machine” (Lights Out)
Julia McKinnis – “Chemistry” (The Good Has Won)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Majesty” (English Dream)
Robyn Hitchcock – “Trouble in Your Blood” (The Man Upstairs)
Billy Vera & Evie Sands – “Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts” (Queen of Diamonds / Jack of Hearts)
Natalie Merchant – “Go Down, Moses” (Natalie Merchant)
Heather Pierson – “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby” (Motherless Child)
Rosanne Cash – “A Feather’s Not a Bird” (The River & The Thread)
Carlene Carter & Willie Nelson – “Troublesome Waters” (Carter Girl)
Mary Gauthier – “Oh Soul” (Trouble & Love)
Chris Smither – “No Love Today” (Still on the Levee)
Dr. John – “When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)” (Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch)
The Stray Birds – “Best Medicine” (Best Medicine)
Pete Molinari – “Mighty Son of Abraham” (Theosophy)
Charlie Daniels Band – “Just Like a Woman” (Off the Grid)
The Hello Strangers – “Never Roam Again” (The Hello Strangers)
Ellis Paul – “Kick Out the Lights (Johnny Cash)” (Chasing Beauty)
John Gorka – “She’s That Kind of Mystery” (Bright Side of Down)
John Flynn – “Bury Me With My Guitar” (Poor Man’s Diamonds)
Paul Sachs – “The Devil Never Did” (Survival is the New Success)
The Burns Sisters – “Far From My Home” (Looking Back: Our Irish American Souls)
Nate & Kate – “If You Wanna Be Rich” (Here You Are)
The Falconers – “With Hands Untied” (The Frame Maker)
The Squirrel Hillbillies – “Bless You Man” (Goody Shoes)
Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde – “For Our Children” (Fruit of Hope)
Higher Animals – “Two Stories” (Higher Animals)
Spuyten Duyvil – “Scratch” (Temptation)
Joe Crookston – “Seven Seconds” (Hudson Harding Happy Holidays Vol. 9)
Matt Nakoa – “If You’re Tryin’ to Break My Heart” (A Dozen Other Loves)
Craig Bickhardt – “Go Round” (The More I Wonder)
Katie Gosnell – “Crazy Girl” (Dear Katie)
Jim Photoglo – “Shadow and Light” (Halls of My Heart)
The Early Mays – “It’s All Right” (The Early Mays)
Daphne Ashbrook – “Keep Breathing” (All Good Dreamers)
Oak Ridge Boys – “Y’All Come Back Saloon” (Boys Night Out)

Next week, I’ll play Christmas tunes you’re not sick of hearing.

I started sharing some of my favorite tunes from the year.
Spottiswoode & His Enemies – “Clear Your Mind” (English Dream)
Space – “Guest List to Hell” (Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab)
The Jigsaw Seen – “Hercules & Sylvia” (Old Man Reverb)
Mike Doughty – “Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future” (Stellar Motel)
Joe Crookston – “Riding the Train (Meter Maid Mix)” (Georgia I’m Here)
Malcolm Holcombe – “Pitiful Blues” (Pitiful Blues)
Davey O – “Ask Yourself the Question” (No Passengers)
Vance Gilbert – “God Bless Everyone” (Bad Dog Buffet)
Heather Pierson – “Good Girl Blues” (Motherless Child)
Katey Laurel – “Beautiful World” (Periscope)
Rachael Sage – “Blue Roses” (Blue Roses)

Also, Eric returned for one last week. Here’s what he played:
Stevie Ray Vaughn – “The House is Rockin’”
Booker T. and the MGs – “Eleanor Rigby”
Eric Clapton – “I Shot the Sheriff”
Eric Clapton – “After Midnight”
Stevie Ray Vaughn – “Crossfire”
Eric Clapton – “Cocaine”

Next week, the three-hour show returns. I’ll play more favorites from the past year.

Eric ran the show so he could get experience for the DJ test. Here’s what he played.

Led Zeppelin – “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You”
David Bowie – “Space Oddity”
The Beatles – “You Won’t See Me”
The Blues Brothers – “Messin’ with the Kid”
Stevie Ray Vaughn – “Texas Flood”
Stevie Ray Vaughn – “Tell Me”
Broken Bells – “October”
The Kinks – “You Really Got Me”
The Beatles – “In My Life”
Led Zeppelin – “Dazed and Confused”
Chicago – “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?”
The Blues Brothers – “Shotgun Blues”
Dvorak – “New World Symphony”
Broken Bells – “After the Disco”
Led Zeppelin – “When the Levee Breaks”

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