Ruby Tunesdays

with DJ Ruby

Dank tunes by the setting moon. Start your day with a little bit of everything but a lot of music


Nickelback Day:
Do This Anymore (from The Long Road)
Lullaby (from Here and Now)
Never Gonna Be Alone (From Dark Horse)
Far Away (from All the Right Reasons)
Short Skirt/Long Jacket (Cake)
Cinderella (Daughtry)
Until It Sleeps (Metallica)
Jenny (Walk the Moon)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
Beat It (Michael Jackson)
Love Her Madly (The Doors)
I Go To Extremes (Billy Joel)
Back Home (Owl City feat. Jake Owen)
Albuquerque (Weird Al Yankovic)
Wicked Game (Phillip Phillips)
Babel (Mumford and Sons)
By Your Side (Lifehouse)
Barlights (fun.)
Shake Me Down (Cage the Elephant)
Sandstorm (Darude)
3×5 (John Mayer)
In the End, You’re An All Star (Jeremy Turnbull)
Beautiful Goodbye (Maroon 5)

Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) (Squeeze)
Free Fallin’ (Live) (John Mayer)
Shake Me Down (Cage the Elephant)
Everything You Know is Wrong (Weird Al Yankovic)
The Mesopotamians (They Might Be Giants)
River of Brakelights (Julian Casablancas)
Lucky Strike (Maroon 5)
Manchild (Steven Page)
Quesadilla (Walk the Moon)
So He Won’t Break (The Black Keys)
Heaven (Kane Brown)
The Emotion (BORNS)
Holland Road (Mumford and Sons)
Carl Poppa (Bad Lip Reading)
On the Wing (Owl City)
What I Want (Daughtry)
Love Her Madly (The Doors)
Since You’ve Been Gone (Weird Al Yankovic)
Secret Asian Man (Da Vinci’s Notebook)
Happy Ending (Take Note Acapella)
Summer Wind (Frank Sinatra)
Magic (Coldplay)
Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel)
I Want You Back (Straight No Chaser ft. Sara Bareilles)
Home Life (John Mayer)
I Wanna Be the One (fun.)
Smooth (Santana ft. Rob Thomas)
Oceanographer’s Choice (The Mountain Goats)

Not the Future (Bad Lip Reading)
No Children (The Mountain Goats)
End Of The Rope (They Might Be Giants)
Did I Say That Out Loud (Barenaked Ladies)
Too Afraid To Love You (The Black Keys)
Be Calm (fun.)
Against All Odds (Straight No Chaser ft. Phil Collins)
Cold Desert (Kings of Leon)
I Love You For Psychological Reasons (They Might Be Giants)
Entourage (Tango) (Steven Page)
Face (Phillip Phillips)
The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel)
Left and Right in the Dark (Julian Casablancas)
Volcano (U2)
Take It All Away (Owl City)
Talk (Coldplay)
Flat on the Floor (Nickelback)
My Stupid Mouth (John Mayer)
The Day That Never Comes (Metallica)
Everywhere I Go (The Black Keys)
My Kind of Town (Frank Sinatra)
I Can See My House From Here (Steven Page)
Bibia Be Ye Ye (Ed Sheeran)
Army of One (Coldplay)

When Is It On?

Spring 2018

You can catch this show on
Mondays from 5 AM to 7 AM.

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