2/19/14: Show Playlist

by Billie Shears from Riot Radio at 2:58 AM on 2·19·2014

Riot Radio- The Dead 60s
Theme from Rawhide- The Blues Brothers
Punky’s Dilemma- Simon & Garfunkel
Belly Love- The Kooks
Ain’t Nobody Here for Us Chickens- Louis Jordan
Electric Koolaid Hiroshima Blues- MagicDangerousCats
Gonna Buy Me a Dog- The Monkees
The Dog Song- Nellie Mckay
Slider- Mario 64 Soundtrack
At the Zoo- Simon & Garfunkel
Inside a Room Full of Treasures A Black Pygmy Horse’s Head Pops Up Like a Periscope- Of Montreal
Digga Tunnah- Lion King 1 1/2 Soundtrack
All Around the World or the Myth of Fingerprints- Paul Simon
All My Friends Are Insects- Weezer
Shake Your Groove Thing- Peaches & Herb* *Note: This song requires you to have an impromptu disco dance party upon listening
What Kind of Pokemon Are You?- Pokemon
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da- The Police
Flash!- Queen
It’s a Jungle Out There- Randy Newman
Ghost Busters- Ray Parker Jr.
When I’m Sixty-Four- The Beatles
Bye, Bye Love- Simon & Garfunkel
Jungle Love- Steve Miller Band
Porphyrophobia- Tom Milsom
The Hairbrush Song- Veggie Tales
Tales of Girls, Boys & Marsupials- The Wombats
Stupid Stupid- Alex Day
All Together Now- The Beatles
Lobster Quadrille- Franz Ferdinand
Alley Oop- The Lovin’ Spoonful
Saskia Hamilton- Ben Folds and Nick Hornby
Orange Colored Sky- Betty Hutton
Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles
A Song About Monkeys- Charlie McDonnell
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymnocerous- Flight of the Conchords
Start Wearing Purple- Gogol Bordello
Hey Schoolgirl/ Black Slacks- Simon & Garfunkel
Best Friend- Harry Nilsson
Secret Agent Man- Johnny Rivers
The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything- Veggie Tales

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