Fantastic Mr. Hullabaloo

by Trout from The Regional Hullabaloo at 4:15 PM on 2·23·2013

-Offspring Are Blank by Dirty Projectors
-Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 2 by The Flaming Lips
-Ghost of Corporate Future by Regina Spektor
-West Coast by Coconut Records
DRAMATIC READING FROM ROALD DAHL’S FANTASTIC MR. FOX with guests Dance Paventa, Philhazen and Silly-Oh
-Fighting in a Sack by The Shins
-Peacebone by Animal Collective
-Silver Soul by Beach House
-Rag & Bone by The White Stripes
Survival Tips: NAVAGATION
^^^^GIRL TIME^^^^
-Better Girl by Best Coast
-Stop Your Sobbing by the Pretenders
-When Your Gone by the Cranberries
Inflammatory Writ by Joanna Newsom
-Possibly Maybe by Bjork
-China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider by Grateful Dead
-Bedouin Dress by Fleet Foxes
-I Didn’t See it Coming by Belle & Sebastian
-Chicago by Sufjan Stevens
-Apple Blossom by The White Stripes

Thank you for listening.
Thank you to Kate, sister of Trout, for being in studio with us.

Tune in next week for more excitement and love.

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