Election Eve

by Peter the Intern from Power to the People at 10 PM on 11·5·2012

On the eve of the election, remember that your vote matters. It matters a lot. IT doesn’t matter where you are voting from or why you are voting. Just vote.

Tonight’s list:

Leave – Matchbox Twenty

It’s Real – Real Estate

State of the Art – Gotye

Help Me Rhonda – The Beach Boys

Charlie Brown – Coldplay

Holland Road – Mumford & Sons

Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars
///////Vice-Apprentice Miss Mae/////////
No, no, no – Destiny Child
The Sweetest Thing – Refugee Camp
On and on – Erykah Badu
Men in Black – Will Smith
I can Love You – Mary J Blige
SOS – Rihanna
////Incumbent President Peter the Intern/////
Things Are Changing – Gary Clark, Jr.

Ho Hey – Lumineers

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

Round and Round – Imagine Dragons

Gangnam Style – PSY

She Said She Said – The Beatles

I said it once, I’ll say it again…VOTE!

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