OdysseySounds March 11 2013

by Blake Wilson from OdysseySounds at 2:40 PM on 3·11·2013

Philosophy by Numbers – Orbital
Digital Love (Boris Dlugosh Mix) – Daft Punk
Take California – Propellerheads
Big and Bouncy – Cakeboy
Black Steel (in the Hour of Chaos) – Tricky
Bubble Metropolis – Drexciya

Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat) – Model 500
Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my Soul – the KLF
8 07 (Maiden Voyage) – Global Communication
Oxbow Lakes – The Orb
Alone in Kyoto – Air (Lost in Translation OST)
Protection (The Eno Mix) – Massive Attack
On (Reload Mix) – Aphex Twin
Hurt (Quiet Aphex Twin Mix) – Nine Inch Snails
Belleville Rendezvous (Version Francaise Por M) – Benoit Charest (Les Triplettes de Belleville OST)

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