2/25/2013 OdysseySounds

by Blake Wilson from OdysseySounds at 2:51 PM on 2·25·2013

Free Design – 2002 A Hit Song
Mercury Rev – Opus 40
The Watersons – Bright Phoebus
Walker Brothers – No Regrets
Moby Grape – Omaha
Black Dub – Ring the Alarm
John Cale – Paris 1919
American Music Club – Johnny Mathis’ Feet
Blue Oyster Cult – This Ain’t the Summer of Love

Flaming Lips – Do you Realize (Scott Hardkill Floating in Space Remix)
High Llamas – Put Yourself Down
Ike Reilly – Hip Hop Thighs
Red House Painters – I am a Rock
Friends of Dean Martinez – Wichita Lineman
Dennis Wilson
The Beach Boys – Forever (A capella mix)
Marillion – Kayleigh
Richard and Linda Thomson – Shoot Out the Lights
Jeff Lynne et al – Give me Love
The Jam – Smither-Jones
Thin Lizzy – Romeo and the Lonely Girl
Jellyfish – The Ghost at Number One

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