10-2-13 "Cries and Whispers"

by Blake Wilson from OdysseySounds at 11:50 PM on 10·2·2013

Blake Wilson – Deep Dive (Theme from OdysseySounds)
Philip Glass – Changing Opinion
Mundell Lowe – Speak Low
Ry Cooder/Harry Dean Stanton – I Knew these People (Paris Texas OST)
Michael Honig – Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Michael Stearns – Planetary Unfolding
Tricky – Ambient Pumpkin
La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela – The Tambouras of Pandit Pran Nath
Robert Rich – Memories of Wandering Part 1
Popol Vuh – Engel Der Luft (Fitzcarraldo OST)
Roach/Braheny/Stearns – Desert Solitaire
William Ackerman – Innocent Moon
Jon Hassell – Nature Boy
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson – Alpha Brainwave Pulses

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