On a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

by DJ Salinger from Notes From Underground at 6:20 PM on 3·2·2013

Sunrise- Yeasayer
Hounds of Love- Kate Bush
Heartbeats- The Knife
Help, I’m Alive- Metric
Burial- Miike Snow
Always Love- Nada Surf
Cause- Rodriguez
Bonnie and Clyde- Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsborg
The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (Remix)- Chromeo
Turn the Page- The Streets
Guns are Drawn- The Roots
Doo Wop! That Thing- Lauryn Hill
Hush- Diggin’ For Victory
Alice- Pogo
Waterfalls- TLC
The Stars (Are Out Tonight)- David Bowie
Road to Zion- Damian Marley
Welcome to Jamrock- Damian Marley

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