The Voices of Degeneration

by A-Jazz from Really Okay with A-Jazz and Avi Man at 3:05 AM on 4·6·2013

Have you heard the good news about A-Jazz and Avi Man? They’re great, ahaha! Everyone else has been following the adventures of the intrepid duo for weeks, so why haven’t you? Every Friday night, or Saturday morning if you prefer, they send out good vibes and good tunes over the airwaves. So listen! Ahaha!

Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Facebook; like our stuff. It’s spring!

James Brown – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
St. Vincent – Year of the Tiger

A-Jazz talks about his trip to Canada, but then his shuffle is on the fritz!

Avi Man:
Children of Nova – The Complexity of Light
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
U2 – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Live from concerts comes Really Okay with “My Name is Frogurt”

Vampire Weekend – Step
Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

Nigel Birdhead’s Community Cottage, True Facts!

Avi Man:
Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales of San Francisco
Potap i Nastya – Chumachechaya Vesna
Bi-2 – Blyef

Yuri and Friends – Uu Yey

The White Stripes – You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
Zager and Evans – In the Year 2525
Tegan and Sara – Back in Your Head

Shout outs and Whoopi Goldberg

Avi Man:
Circa Survive –1000Witnesses
Nirvana – About a Girl

Always be good.

Y.N. Rich Kids – Hot Cheetos and Takis
Nina Simone – Feeling Good
Matisyahu – Chop ‘em Down

Shuffle’s still busted, but Avi Man and A-Jazz have a tale from their youth!

Jay-Z ft. Panjabi MC – Beware

Those crazy kids! Those beloved, beloved men! Truly, truly, they are the voices of the generation. The voices of degeneration :)

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