Come to the Forest

by A-Jazz from Really Okay with A-Jazz and Avi Man at 3:04 AM on 4·13·2013

Come little friends! Come! To the forest! Ehehehe!

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah


Green Day – Longview
The Virgins – Rich Girls

We’re talkin’ about Halloween in April and the king in the back of the car.

Avi Man:
RX Bandits – Apparition
From First to Last – Worlds Away
Bloc Party – One Month Off

There was a little something from the deep archives.

Dizzy Gillespie – Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
Nelly – Hot in Herre

Soapy Suds and another new track!

Avi Man:
Ivoryline – Days End

Kevin Federline – Popozão

Some nimblick tries to sell us knives.

The Cardigans – Lovefool
Ludacris – Pimpin’ All Over the World

The trouble with being a news anchor and the miracle of disposable instruments.

The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly
Belle and Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher
The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City

Unity across the nation.

Avi Man:
The Killers – Bones
Blaqk Audio – Semiotic Love (ft. A-Jazz)
Circa Survive – Battle, My Love

Talking in sync.

Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
Amy Winehouse – Me and Mr. Jones
Man Man – Bangkok Necktie

Ed’s laugh and Mahu Mori.

The Isley Brothers – Shout (Parts 1 and 2)

I love the forest! Ahahaha!

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