Soundtrack to my summer

by Madelyn from In My Room at 4:48 PM on 9·17·2012

In My Room- The Beach Boys- Sounds Of Summer
Up All Night- Best Coast- The Only Place
Never Heal Myself- Cults- Cults
Genesis- Grimes- Visions
Circumambient- Grimes- Visions
Shuck- Purity Ring- Shrines
This Isn’t Our Parade- Santigold- Master of My Make- Believe
On the Sea- Beach House- Bloom
Storms- Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy- Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac
Dusty Rhodes- Lotus Plaza- Spooky Action at a Distance
Dreams- Fleetwood Mac- Rumours
Science vs. Romance- Rilo Kiley- Take Offs And Landings
Dreaming My Life Away- Best Coast- The Only Place
Gun- Shy- Grizzly Bear- Shields
Sun In Your Eyes- Grizzly Bear- Shields
Hey Hey What Can I Do- Led Zeppelin- Coda
Goin’ To The Party- Alabama Shakes- Boys & Girls
Slow Like Honey- Fiona Apple- Tidal
Crawlersout- Purity Ring- Shrines
Toska- Minus the Bear- Infinity Overhead
In Space, No One Can Hear Your Guitar- Penpal- Octopus EP

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