11/11/11 Playlist

by Mike Graham from The Mike Graham Show at 2:05 AM on 11·18·2011

sorry its late. i thought i posted it earlier. i guess not.

Cheech n chong – Earache My Eye
The Ramones – Lobotomy
NY Dolls – Puss n Boots
Stiff Little fingers – At the edge
Bellrays – Stargaze

The Clash – Janie Jones
Tube Tops – Vixen
Teen Beats – Can’t Control
Tantrums – Atomic Fire Ball

Those Melvins – Wasted Hippies
Ulterior Motive – Monday Morning Blues
Misfits – AMerican Nightmare
Minutemen – 1 Reporters Opinion
Nirvana – Love Buzz

Canned Heat – 1st Time ARound
Bob & Earl – Harlem Shuffle
Roy & Miller – We’ll Meet

Tribulations – The City
Eric Morris – Solomon Grundie

Howndog Taylor – It Hurts Me Too
Urbations – The Whip
Pursy Sledge – Baby Help Me

Spencer Davis Group – Keep on Running
Sharon Jones – Humble Me
Koko Taylor – Whatever i am you made me
Santana – Mothers Daughter

**apologies for the probable spelling errors that usually riddle my blog entries **

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