The Signal UK Version

by Brian McKinley from Mick's Tape Show at 8:26 PM on 11·19·2013

The Clash – London Calling

The Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK
Pulp – Common People
The Jam – Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

The Kinks – Mr. Churchill Says
PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose
Squeeze – Pullin Mussels From a Shell
Cock Sparrer – England Belongs To Me
Lorde – Royals

Blur – Country House
The Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society
Elvis Costello – Oliver’s Army
XTC – You’re a good man, Albert Brown

Oasis – Wonderwall
PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder
Gang of Four – I Love a Man in a Uniform

The Kinks – Victoria
The Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen
The Jam – Eton Rifles

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