"Messed Up Tribute To The Dead" Playlist - 4/14/11

by Birdman from Metal Bird Productions On The Radio at 11:54 PM on 4·14·2011

“Song – Artist”

Really Gonna Miss You – Smokey Robinson
Fight Until We Die – Manowar
Everyone I Love Is Dead – Type O Negative
Dead Memories – Slipknot
Never Healing Wound – Sodom
Pace 'Till Death – Bathory
Left To Die – Death

{Flight Off Course}
Living Dead – The Plasmatics
Eternity Memory Of Lightwaves – Noriko Matsueda (Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack)
Above The Clouds – Gang Starr
R.I.P.(Rock In Peace) – AC/DC

Iron Tusk – Mastodon (by request)
Brain Dead (Demo Version) – Exodus
Suicide Solution – Ozzy Osbourne
Slaughtered – Pantera
Wake Up Dead – Megadeth
Fade To Black – Metallica
We Die Young – Alice In Chains
Die Young – Black Sabbath

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