apprentice takeover

by Marisa from Marisa's Untitled Radio Show at 11:36 PM on 12·3·2012

Pat’s Playlist:

Fake Empire- The National (Marisa’s)
Yet Again- Grizzly Bear (Marisa’s)
FUN- Spongebob Squarepants
Fireflies- Owl City
Grenade- Bruno Mars
White Horse- Taylor Swift
Stop and Stare- One Republic
Rolling in the deep- Adele
Laughing with- Regina Spektor
My heart will go on- Titanic

Godlesss bROTHER OF MINE- iRON and wine
Jezebel- iron and wine
great gig in the sky- pink floyd
helplessly hoping- crosby stills and nash
Cant always get what you want- Rolling stones
Empty room- Arcade fire

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