wow much show such metal

by DJ Elmo from March of the Jentilak at 10:02 PM on 2·25·2014

Between the Buried and Me- Goodbye to Everything
BTBAM- Astral Body
Ghost- Secular Haze (live)

Darkest Hour- Doomsayer
Deicide- Thou Begone
Bad Religion

Foo Fighters- Times Like These
Foo Fighters- Dear Rosemary
Thomas Giles- Hamilton Anxiety Scale

Deltron 3030- City Rising From the Ashes
Animals As Leaders- An Infinite Regression

————————- Bubby Island ————————-

Kylesa – Drop Out
Megadeth – Ashes In Your Mouth
Black Sabbath – The Wizard

Agalloch – Bloodbirds
The Fall of Troy – The Hol[ ]y Tape

Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage
Opeth – Master’s Apprentices

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