Show 5/5 - The Noise You Hear in the Dark

by Dr. Nelson W. Thrillington from The Maladroit Renaissance at 3:34 AM on 5·5·2014

The songs played on this edition were:

“Mesopotamia” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
“Invincible” – OK Go
“I’m the Greatest” – Ringo Starr
“Scum” – Napalm Death
“Perfect” – Alanis Morrisette

“Money Maker” – The Black Keys
“Love Me” – The Bee Gees
“What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round?” – The Monkees
“Aurora” – Foo Fighters

“Friends of Mine” – The Zombies
“From Heads Unworthy” – Rise Against
“Narayan” – The Prodigy
“The Real Me” – The Who

“Phenomenal Cat” – The Kinks
“Liquor Store Blues” – Bruno Mars feat. Damian Marley
“Very Ape” – Nirvana
“Dirt” – Alice in Chains
“Believe” – Staind

“Build it Up Tear it Down” – Fatboy Slim
“Black Hearts” – Test Your Reflex
“Pretty In Pink (1981 Version)” – The Psychedelic Furs
“Blue Jean” – David Bowie
“Bang the Doldrums” – Fall Out Boy

FINALE: “Carpet of the Sun” – Renaissance

Opening Fanfare: “Jubilee” – Blur

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