Show 4/7 - "So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done"

by Dr. Nelson W. Thrillington from The Maladroit Renaissance at 3:26 AM on 4·7·2014

The songs played on this edition were: “Prelude (The Ten Commandments)” – Elmer Bernstein
“Mean Machine” – Sugar Ray
“There’s No Other Way” – Blur
“Here is No Why” – The Smashing Pumpkins
“Because” – The Beatles

“Late For the Sky” – Jackson Browne
“I Will Lead You” – Filter
“Pilate’s Dream” – Barry Dennen
“Stardust” – Menswear
“By Your Side” – Beachwood Sparks

“My Back Pages” – The Byrds
“Creeping Death” – Metallica
“Prelude (King of Kings)” – Miklos Rozsa
“Incinerate” – Sonic Youth

“Welfare Mothers (live w/ studio overdubs)” – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
“Antidote” – The Hives
“Highway Song” – System of a Down
“Wild Horses” – The Rolling Stones

“Parade of the Chariottiers (Ben-Hur)” – Miklos Rozsa
“Apple Scruffs” – George Harrison
“Shine On” – JET
“There Goes the Neighborhood” – Sheryl Crow
“Gap” – The Kooks

FINALE: “Heaven On Their Minds” – Murray Head

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