Show 11/22 - "You Said Your Body Was Young, But Your Mind Was Very Old"

by Dr. Nelson W. Thrillington from The Maladroit Renaissance at 11:27 PM on 11·22·2013

The Songs Played on Tonight’s Edition:
“Setting Sun” – The Chemical Brothers feat. Noel Gallagher
“Tie Your Mother Down” – Queen
“Mr. Maker” – The Kooks
“What’s Happening Brother” – Marvin Gaye
“Normal Person” – Arcade Fire

“Time Between” – The Byrds
“Generator” -Foo Fighters
“Let Down” – Radiohead
“No. 1 Party Anthem” – Arctic Monkeys
“A Legal Matter” – The Who

“All My Loving” – The Beatles
“All The Girls Love Alice” – Elton John
“Down In It” – Nine Inch Nails
“War?” – System of a Down

“Beechwood Park” – The Zombies
“When You Dream” – Barenaked Ladies
“Slave” – Weezer
“Powderfinger (live with studio overdubs)” – Neil Young & Crazy Horse

FINALE: “Please Let Me Wonder” – The Beach Boys

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