Questions - 6 Nov 2012

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:50 PM on 11·6·2012


1. Name a PSY song other than Gangnam Style.

BONUS: What is PSY short for?

BONUS B: Bank Ki Moon recently ceded the title of Most Famous South Korean to PSY. Who is Ban Ki Moon?

2. What were “Anonymous” masks originally supposed to represent?

3. What is a horology?

4. What countries fought in the War of 1812?


5. Traditionally, why would a person stick his/her head out the window and shout “Gurdy-Loo?”

6. How do you make a mummy?

7. Who was Simon Bolivar?

8. You can still send mail to someone with no PO Box or place of residence. How would you do it?

9. In art, what is a happening?

BONUS: Give us a good idea for one.

10. Why is a person called Banksy frequently permitted to deface public property?

11. Name a thrift store in the Binghamton area.

12. What was the Great Dust Bowl?

13. What is Numberwang?

14. Why are movie previews called “trailers?”

15. Please describe the plot of the movie “Shock Treatment.”

16. Name someone other than Obama and Romney who is running for president this year.

17. What is both a profession and a dessert?

18. Why are the New York Football Giants called that rather than just the New York Giants?

19. Name a shortwave radio station.

BONUS: How does shortwave radio transmit so far?

20. What does it mean for music to be “programmatic?”

21. How do you play a record on a turntable?

22. What deos silk come from?

23. In mythology what is a brownie (not the food)?

24. In Loch Ness Monster is most frequently seen in which body of water?

25. The Buffalo Bills are name after whom?

26. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

27. Heads or tails?


1) The Missouri River is 2,466 miles long and the Mississippi River is 2,348 miles. Why is 



2) Why was the tomato was put “on trial“ on September 25, 1820 in Salem, New Jersey?


3) 1816 is commonly known as the “Year Without…” what?

4) What was Harry Truman’s middle name?


5) Where was the infamous pirate Blackbeard killed?


6) Where is London Bridge?

7) Which president never married? 


8) Who was the tallest president? Who was the shortest?


9) While Barack Obama is our 44th president, there have only been 43 presidents. Why? 


10) Where is the world’s only reproduction oOf the Parthenon in Athens, Greece? 

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