Questions - 4 Dec 2012

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1. Name someone who has been a professional entertainer and a politician.
2. Name someone whose portrait has been on US money.
BONUS: Who was the first real person on a coin?
3. When you see LLC or Ltd at the end of the name of a company, what does that mean?
4. Name a famous deaf person.
5. What is Batman’s superpower?
6. Why do some forks and spoons have “PLATE” stamped on them?
7. What did the recent product “Bic for Her” consist of?
8. A person is considered to be stateless when what?
9. In the last few years, Russia and Georgia were involved in a war. What was it over?
10. What is a time signature?
BONUS: How is it used in the opening titles of Doctor Who?
11. Name a labour law in effect in New York State.
12. Before it gained its independence, Bangladesh was a part of what other country?
13. What disease can cause extreme snoring?
14. What chain restaurant with a big yellow sign in front is virtually ubiquitous in Virginia but nowhere to be found in these parts?
15. Why was Yasser Arafat’s dead body recently dug up out of the ground?
16. What US states used to be independent countries?
17. What is an infinite improbability drive?
18. Where does liquorice flavour come from?
19. What is the main ingredient in black pudding?
20. What product is marketed as chocolate but contains no chocolate?
21. What is the sentence “ Colorless green ideas sleep furiously” frequently used to demonstrate?
BONUS: What are the origins of the phrases, “My hovercraft is full of eels!” and “Heavens! The postillion has been struck by lightning!”
BONUS BONUS: For that matter, what is a postillion?
22. What is one zillion divided by two?
23. Many people over the years have been known to demonstrate “The Hat Trick.” What is it?
24. What is both a part of the body and a kind of building?
25. Where did the website Yahoo! get its name from?
26. What is the Indian Rope Trick?
27. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.
28. Heads or tails.
29. You can still sing a national anthem.
30. What is something on the WHRW test that the apprentcies should know?


What is Milquetoast?

What is advent?

How do you roast chesnuts?

What is the name of the tallest tree on
What are the Coordinates of Binghamton NY?

What was the first home video game console?

What weapon does Brain Campbell’s character attatch to his arm in Evil Dead 2

What happens when you cross a corgi with another dog?

What is Entropy?

What dose “Ubi verba deficere, musica loqutur” mean in latin?

1. What did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sell to fund Apple?

2. Who was the top advertising icon of the twentieth century?

3. How many sleep disorders are there?

4. What common slang word did Shakespeare first coin?

5. What made the novel “Gadsby” different?

6. Which part of the body receives no blood?

7. How much energy does the brain generate?

8. When does the heart of a newborn start beating?

9. What controversial product did Starbucks recently release?

10. What are the only countries where Coca-Cola and PepsiCo products aren’t sold?


1. Name one of the top ten longest running broadway shows.

2. What’s the name of the Phantom of the Opera?

3. Who is the only actor who played all three major men in Christine Daae’s life?

4. Name all the people with AIDS in the show Rent?

5. How many times in the song “Beat of my Heart” by Hilary Duff is the phrase “Beat of

my Heart” repeated?

6. How does Creature From the Black Lagoon: The Musical end?

7. Name one of the ways the women who sing the “Cell Block Tango,” murder their


8. Tell us the story line of any of the Haunted Mansion rides in any of Disney’s theme


9. In the Broadway show “A Chorus Line,” does Cassie get the job?

10. What was the first musical to win a Pultizer in the twenty-first century?

1. Each year, Americans eat enough popcorn to fill up how many Empire State Buildings?
2. What are the only 3 words to start with DW in the English language?
3. Instead of freezing Vaccines for transport, what are distributors now turning to, to keep microbes cool and alive?
4. What’s the best way to debut an art gallery of underwater shipwrecks?
5. What is an Identity Parade?
6. How many poles, officially, does the earth have?
7. What do you do with a dead scientist?
8. What was so fascinating about how Bob Hoover poured his Iced Tea?
9. Describe a Woodpecker tongue.
10. What’s a Klaxon?
11. Neil DeGrass Tyson appeared in an Action Comic with Superman doing what?
12. How long is the perfect job interview?
13. What does Kluge mean?
14. What is a Petard?
15. What are desire lines?
16. Weird Al Yankovic has a degree in what?
16. Awesome prank.
17. What is a gravitational lens?


1. Other than WHRW name any college radio station in New York?

2. Name a member of the first SNL cast.

3. What is the name for the sudden realization that the random people you meet each have a complex life of their own?

4. Name one of the top three most dangerous drugs according to UK scientists?

5. Give us your best scat.

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