Questions - 27 Nov 2012

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:22 PM on 11·27·2012


1. What is the difference between acrylic and Cyrillic?
2. Who was famous for banging his shoe on a table at the United Nations?
3. What is the origin of the phrase “Klaatu barada nikto?”
4. What is filk music?
5. Where does dust come from?
6. In what country were glasses invented?
7. Give us an aphorschism. (ie “Look before you leap, for he who hesitates is lost!” or “Many hands make light work, for too many cooks spoil the broth!”)
8. In the 1940s, leather jackets were associated with people in what profession?
9. When cars were first introduced, what special items were considered appropriate to wear while driving them?
10. How do you get hookworm?
11. Who is already considered the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016?
12. What is Bitcoin?
13. “Goth” is currently a well-known subculture. Historically, who were the Goths?
14. What US president suggested that the country should have a revolution every few years?
15. What is both an alcoholic beverage and a card game?
16. What is both a supposed magical creature and an important invention in textile technology?
17. Before toothbrushes were common, how did people usually clean their teeth?
18. What is the stupidest pop lyric you have ever heard?
19. Why are quarters called “two bits?”
20. What pattern is flannel?
21. Who was buried in the Great Pyramid of Giza?
22. What does Queen Elizabeth say when somebody’s phone goes off during a meeting with her?
23. What is caviar?
24. Why do some plates and forks have “PLATE” stamped on them?
25. Sing a national anthem.
26. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.
27. Heads or tails?


1) 5 Most Expensive Liquids

2) What Is White Coke?

3) Which President instated Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

4) What does the “CAT” in cat scan stand for?

5) A baby kangaroo is called a Joey, what is a mother Kangaroo called? Bonus points for the name for a group of Kangaroos

6) Who was the original owner of Pixar?

7) What is the Mascot of the University of California at Santa Cruz?

8) Either or Either, and back up your answer.

9) Where is the tallest building in the world?

10) What is Basorexia?


1. Describe the introduction to Science Fiction theatre?

2. What is the opening line for each episode?

3. In the Royal Tennebaums who provides the voices for the commentators of the tennis scene?

4. The eagle in the above is described to have more white feathers by the end of the film… why?

5. Danny Glover, Luke Wilson, and Owen Wilson all turned down roles in what movie to appear in the above film?

6, Why did Gene Hackman not initially accept his role in it?

7. Who plays Esteban in The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou?

8. What was Martha Stewarts prison name?

9. What is diffrence between TNT and dynamite?

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