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Famous Uncles of TV/Cinema (character and actor who played) a.) Actor who played this jokester-Uncle, dated fellow Canadian singer Alanis Morrissette and became the subject of the song “You Oughta Know” b.) Also played by a Canadian, noted for his loud car, oversized pancakes, and tobacco habits c.) The actor who played this successful uncle also did the voice for Shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. d.) This uncle performed his own hit single “Forever” with the Beach Boys. e.) This wacky uncle really loved to laugh, but battled with equally powerful separation anxiety.

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. Name someone who has directed and starred in the same movie.
-For two points, someone who did that and also wrote the script.
-For three points, someone who did those and also composed the music.
2. Name someone who has played The Master in Doctor Who.
3. What famous novelist was known as “The Master?”
4. How do you become a Freemason?
5. Name something you are not allowed to do on Facebook.
6. In what state is the larger Johnson City?
7. What is the Alienation Effect?
8. Name someone who was blacklisted in the McCarthy Era.
Bonus – Name someone who was a Communist in the McCarthy Era but successfully kept it secret.
9. What film was made with a script from a first-time screenwriter after screenplays by David Mamet and Harold Pinter were rejected?
10. When people put gas into cars, why does it appear to be a liquid?
11. What is the difference between a transitive and intransitive verb?
12. Who was Prester John?
13. In Japan, it is traditional to go to what restaurant on Christmas?
14. Why is an MC sometimes called a ringmaster?
15. What is both a town in New York and a fictional country in a comedy movie?
16. Why do very few cleaning products contain both bleach and ammonia?
17. In what decade did the first science fiction magazine come out?
-What was it called?
18. Who hosted Jeopardy in the 1980s?
19. When does the rest of the world celebrate Labour Day?
20. What popular musical is scored for only harp and piano?
21. For 400 points, prove the existence of God.
22. Name something only one of us has read, heard, or seen.
23. Make up a game show. Point if we like it.
24. Heads or tails?


From where is the term “the whole nine yards” derived?

What was the first show to allow a toilet to be aired on television?

What is the only state who’s name is only one syllable long?

For what President was the Blueberry Jelly Bean invented?

List the 7 deadly sins.

List the 7 virtues.

List the 7 Dwarfs

Bad Genie.

Bad Superpower.

Pick Up The Panel.


What does the acronym MIDI stand for?

Where is the nation’s oldest operating carousel located?

Name the parasite that comes from the common house cat that causes humans to like cats more.

Which NBA team ended the ’71-72 Los Angeles Lakers 33 game winning streak?

Which U.S. President has the most parks named after him?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

What member of The Doobie Brothers is also counter terrorism consultant to the pentagon?

What country has experienced the most “coup’s d’etat”?

What is SPAM (the canned meat product) an abbreviation of?

Which state consumes the most SPAM?

According to the films’ director Luc Besson, what is the fifth element?


William Beckford is known for having built what building over a thirty year period of time, which collapsed in 1825.

How tall was this building?

Horace Walpole is generally attributed with popularizing what style of architecture?

The popular series of children’s books by Arthur Lobel feature what two characters?

What is a red card?

In 1557, what did European doctors recommend to combat bad breath and cancer?

What is a dingle-dodie?

Who coined the term dingle-dodie?

What’s a tragus?

From which county did the first documented bank notes come?

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