Questions - 25 Sep 2012

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:45 PM on 9·25·2012


1. Former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos was known for having one of the world’s largest collections of what?

2. Pollsters in the eastern part what European country could not find one person under 28 who believed in God?

3. E Prime is a variant of English. How does it differ?

4. Describe either a famous hoax or a convincing plan for one?

5. Why are the keys of the keyboard in the order that they are?

6. Name a food that has its own dedicated utensil.

7. What do Mitt Romney and Will Smith have in common?

8. Why does warm water freeze faster than cold water?

9. What is the difference between an apartment building and a boarding house?

10. What was Ralph Nader originally famous for?

11. Please describe the plot of Dracula.

12. What is Cornwall?

13. Name a place name that is pronounced differently than it is written.

14. US citizens are prohibited from entering which country?

15. Alchemists tried to do what?
BONUS: Name a famous scientist who was also an alchemist?

16. Do an accent decently well.

17. What is an overture?

18. Please describe the plot of the TV show/comic book Tales from the Crypt.

19. How much data fits on a floppy disk?

20. How does croquet work?

21. Name another Sherlock Holmes story.

22. How do you do the Gangnam Style dance?

23. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

24. Heads or tails?

Squire Mickey asks thus!
1. How does a deaf person traditionally clap?
2. What’s the difference between yellow cheese and white cheese?
3. Finish this Shakespearean quote: “If music be the food of love…”
4. Why was Ping Pong outlawed in Russia for so many years?
5. What does the moon smell like?
6. Snoop just changed his name from Snoop Dogg, to Snoop Lion. Why?
7. What is the British Broadcasting Company nicknamed?
8. How long does your head live after decapitation?
9. Name a few famous Tight Rope Walker stunts.
10. What was the cause of most fires of the 1906 San Fransisco Earthquake?
11. What’s the worst pun you’ve ever heard?
12. What does it mean to Retcon something?
BONUS: What is it short for?
13. What kind of dog lays an egg?
14. What does Karate mean?
15. Give a Rodney Dangerfield quote in Rodney Dangerfields voice.

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