Questions - 20 Nov 2012

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:44 PM on 11·20·2012


1. Explain a reference from “Lydia the Tattooed Lady.”

2. What’s a good solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

3. How do you put a new ribbon in a typewriter?

4. The first comic books were reprints. How was this possible?

5. In the 1890s, baby boys would typically be dressed how?

6. Please describe the plot of Bartleby.

7. Who killed Martin Luther king Jr?

8. Name something you cannot sell on eBay.

9. What is both a kind of footwear and plumbing problem?

10. How long has “Black Friday” been celebrated with shopping and sales in the USA?

11. What are they singing about in Beethoven’s 9th?

12. What is room temperature?

13. Who makes the beer Innes and Gunn?

BONUS: What is special about it?

14. Who is depicted by the Statue of Liberty?

15. Who invented television?

16. Why did paperboys yell “Extra! Extra!”

17. Stepehn Hawking is considered by important and intelligent. What did he discover/invent/theorize/do?

18. Why do barbers have striped poles?

19. In what culture were cats worshiped as gods?

20. Name somebody other than Shakespeare who was writing plays during the reign of Elizabeth I or James I.

21. What is a diacritical mark?

22. What TV show encouraged people to [irate it with a message at the end that said, “Keep circulating the tapes?”

23. What is a Fuller Brush Man?

24. Sometimes people refer to The Democratic Republic of the Congo and sometimes just The Republic of the Congo. Why the different terminology?

25. What is the newest country?

26. Name something only oen of us has read/heard/seen.

27. Heads or tails?


1) The term corduroy is French. What does it mean?

2) What is the word identifies the back of a person’s knee?

3) If a canary is seen singing, what is its gender?

4) The phrase “Nice guys finish last” was coined by who?

5) What is the hardest thing in the human body?

6) Where is Homosexuality most common in the animal kingdom?

7) Where does the term “melon head” come from?

8) Why is the Boto, or Amazon River Dolphin, pink?

9) Was turkey eaten on the first Thanksgiving?

10) What was the first departmental store that held a Thanksgiving parade?

the Caffeine Kid:

1. William Shatner recently put out an iPhone app. What is it called and what is its purpose?

2. What 1950 movie starred Bette Davis as aging Broadway star Margo Channing?

3. Author Roald Dahl wrote “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” and “Charlie & The Great Glass Elevator.” He started but never finished a third book featuring Charlie and Willy Wonka. What was it called?

4. Explain the concept of the 1980s TV series “Automan.”

5. In “Mystery Science Theater: The Movie,” what film did Mike and the Satellite of Love crew heckle?

6. What are the Pillars of Creation?

7. What is the top turkey-producing state in the U.S.?

8. In what year was the first national Thanksgiving Day football game broadcast on the radio?

9. Who played in that game?

10. Give us your best turkey call, and don’t hold back.

1. “Stone me to my soul/ Stone me just like a jelly roll” What is Van Morrison referring to when he says 'jelly roll’?

2. Franza Kafka left his work with a friend, and told him to burn them. Who is this friend that denied his dying wishes and published them instead?

3. Name a poet that has written and read a poem for the inauguration.

4. Describe or name a characteristic of Gothic Fiction.

5. Historically, who are The Vandals (not the band)?

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