Questions - 2 Oct 2012

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:47 PM on 10·2·2012


1. What is haggis?

2. Who were Sacco & Vanzetti?

3. Who were Leopold and Loeb?

4. Who were Wheeler and Woolsey?

5. Name a famous person who used a wheelchair.

6. A paint can opener always comes with what other tool built in?

7. What are pennies made of?

8. Who were Rogers and Hart?

9. Why was the Rosetta Stone important?

10. What was the Watergate Scandal?

11. What the difference between a double-breasted and single-breasted suit?

12. Who was secretary of state for two different presidents?

13. All of Jack the Ripper’s victims had one profession. What was it?

14. What is both a body part and a vegetarian food?

15. Photography, pornography, lithography, stenography, telegraphy, &c all have the same root. What does it mean?

16. How were Egyptian mummies made?

17. The Vatican has recently declared a forgery a document that referred to what?

18. Please describe the plot of What’s Up Tiger Lilly.

19. Describe the plot of any opera.

20. Why do mattresses have “Do Not Remove” tags?

21. Heads or tails.

22. Name something only one of us has read heard or seen.


1. Who is the only person to have refused the Pullizer Prize for the novel?

2. How did these people die:

Harry Houdini

Tennessee Williams

Jimmy Heselden

Mike Edwards

Steve Erwin

Brandon Lee

Bo Diaz

3. Six Degrees of Separation

Wes Anderson and Robin Williams

Parker Posey and Eugene Levy

Chevy Chase and Anderson Cooper

4. Who is X in The X Files?


- Describe the premise of the webcomic ‘Homestuck’.

- Where is the watchtower from All Along the Watchtower located?

- Name a football team that does not have cheerleaders.

- What is both a sport and something you use to border your yard?

- WWE wrestler Shawn Daivari recently saved a bunch of people on a train by doing what?

- A gamer recently decided to do a sleepless 72 hour Resident Evil Marathon. What shocking turn of event halted his marathon 65 hours in?

- Who came up with the idea for the game ‘Desert Bus’?

- Describe the game ‘Desert Bus’.

- Anastasiya Shpagina is a 19 year old ukranian girl who has transformed herself into what?

- What is the uncanny valley?

- What do Chevy Chase and Anderson Cooper have in common?

- What is Samuel L Jackson’s middle name?

- What is the difference between a murder and a mass murder?

- Where does the play ‘Godspell’ take place?

- What is a ‘Mondegreen’?

- What popular 24 year old Magazine, will publish its last issue in December of this year?

- Name a videogame with a female protagonist.

- Come up with a cool superhero name.

- Bad superpower

- Bad Genie

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