Questions - 18 Sep 2012

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:34 PM on 9·18·2012


1. What is mock duck?

2. Name someone the US government has assassinated or tried to assassinate.

3. What TV political show host has written a novel?

4. Please describe the plot of the movie “The Life of Brian.”

5. How do fluorescent lights work?

6. How were the pyramids built?

7. What is the difference between batting average and on base percentage?

8. What is the difference between how Europeans and Americans write high numbers?

What about quotations?

9. What is the secondary ingredient after water in Diet Mountain Dew?

10. In recent years why have many Palestinians objected to many Americans’ neckware?

11. Give us the first and last name of a classical composer.

12. Name a Sherlock Holmes story.

13. What American writer disappeared in Mexico and was never seen again?

14. How do you do the Gangnam Style dance?

15. Before he became US president, Abraham Linlcoln’s personal appearance looked noticeable different in what way?

16. Tell us a street name in Binghamton and what it was named after.

17. What is both a geographical feature and an article of clothing?

18. How would one go about money laundering?

19. What fictional character’s trademark was slashing a big Z in things with his sword?

20. Please describe the plot of the TV show “Ouran High School Host Club.”

21. Name something only one of us had read/heard/seen.

22. Heads or tails.

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