Questions - 15 Jan 2013

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1. The King of Spain notoriously shouted “Why don’t you shut up?” at what world leader in a public forum?
2. What is the difference between ham and pork?
3. What was Mel Brooks’ most recent film?
4. The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a payment of one million dollars to anybody who can do what?
5. Please describe the premise of the TV show “Jon Benjamin Has a Van.”
6. Egyptian mummies used to be exported to Europe in large numbers to be made into what?
7. Johann Sebastian bach had many relatives who were also composers. Name one.
-Why does P. D. Q. Bach not count?
8. In the 1960s and 1970s most metal beer bottle openers had another implement incorporated into their opposite side. What was this for?
9. Why is the ancient Egyptian profession of “scribe” no longer profitable for most people?
10. What was the baseball team the Cleveland Spiders best known for?
11. Latin is known as a “dead language.” Why did it stop being widely spoken?
12. The Soviet rocket Soyuz and the space station Mir were fairly well known. What did either of these words mean?
13. What is a tintype?
14. What large South American city banned outdoor advertising?
15. What does the Dalai Lama’s actual position entail?
16. How did the game of “What’s My Line?” work?
17. Please describe a common internet scam and how it works.
18. Why did mediaeval plague doctors wear large silly-looking masks?
19. What are pre-HD televisions referred to?
20. Tea is usually made from what plant?
21. Name someone who has played Sherlock Holmes.
22. What is both a kind of hat and a kind of gun?
23. Name something only one of us has read, heard, or seen.
24. Heads or tails.


1. Name the fictional band at the center of Cameron Crowe’s film “Almost Famous.”
Bonus question: Name one of the band’s songs from the film.
2. In the Britcom “Are You Being Served?” what is the name of the department store where the characters work?
3. Describe the premise of the sequel series, “Are You Being Served – Again!”
4. Name the 4 main characters in the British sci-fi comedy series “Red Dwarf.”
5. Name an American sitcom that was based on a British sitcom.
6. What are the four time periods covered in the British comedy “Blackadder” over four seasons?
7. Today is National Hat Day. Name someone, real or fictional, known for wearing a hat.
8. What kind of hat does Arby’s want to make “America’s first and only official national hat”?


- Name a character from a TV show that got their own spinoff series.

- What is unique about the first night of Hannukkah this year?

- Salvador Dali was told he is the reincarnation of whom?

- What is the functional purpose of a revolving door?

- Name a Disney movie where one of the parent figures does not die in the film.

- What did Rupert Grint buy from his money he made from the first Harry Potter film?

- What will the first Disney/Marvel crossover be?

- Why did Abbott make 60% of the profits made with Costello, who only earned 40%?

- What does Spike Miligan’s epitaph say?

- Break Bad for a point

- Push Daisies for a point

- Californicate for a point

- Fire Flies for a point

- Family Guy for a point

- Simp Sons for a point

- Meet Your Mother for a point

- Get Lost for a point

- Twin Peaks for a point

- Bad Genie

- Bad Superpower


All questions posted by Alana Watts pertain to the British television show The Prisoner.

In the opening credits, Number 6 yells, “I am not a [what], I am a [what]!”

How many times was Number 2 portrayed as female?

What popular spy series did Patrick McGoohan star in before the prisoner?
(British or American name accepted)

Name a pseudonym used by McGoohan used to direct some episodes.

For a point, do not reveal Number 1, but sing us a song. You know the one.

What type of car does Number 6 drive before being imprisoned?

How many Number 2s are removed as punishment for failure?

What is the comic-book miniseries that is intended to be a sequel?

Who voice Number 2 in The Simpson’s episode “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes”?

In the 2009 remake, who plays Number 2?

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